Your child will follow your example, not your advice


“Your child will follow your example, not your advice”     My kids love all things fitness.  They talk freely about  burpees, planks, lunges and sprints.  This isn’t because I have just told them about these things; it is because this has all been a part of their lives since birth.  We have had a lot […]

When stress takes over your world.


At the end of December, I decided to suddenly move to a new place.  A much smaller place….which presented many challenges! On top of that craziness, the weather has been awful which means my kids haven’t been in school much.   (kid #3 only had school 6 days in January!)   Since the time when […]

Valentine’s Day ideas for your fit friends


Forget the romantic dinners or flowers,  here are a few things I would want from my hypothetical Valentine.     1.   Workout Clothes:  One can never have enough fun tanks or comfy leggings. 2.  Chipotle:  Yum.  Much better than any 6 course expensive meal that requires me to wear anything other than sneakers. 3. […]

Empowering Advanced Age Pregnancy


Today’s post is courtesy of Amanda. This one struck home for me as I had kid #3 at age 37 and #4 at age 39 (that’s pregnant me in the picture below). I know what it is like to be told “you are too old”!   We’ve all heard it before – “You shouldn’t have children […]

Jamie is definitely one fit mommy!


Today’s fit mommy is Jamie, who also happens to be one of my in-real life best friends! Jamie is a busy mommy to 4 girls yet makes the time for fitness and stays in shape with Crossfit! She also has a great Etsy shop that you should check out –> A Forest Frolic Please read on for […]

Winner winner! And some awesome tanks!


First off,  here are the winners of the awesome giveaway from Thera-Gesic: Grand Prize Winner: Alicia Szemon Runners Up: Dawn Stokes Keenan-Banks and Janet Watson Congrats and thanks for entering!!! Next up is a new workout tank I got to show off for my recent Flex-it Friday picture: This one is from überfit and I absolutely love it!  I love […]

Moving together as a family


I was fortunate enough to be an Ambassador for the Together Counts™ blog over the past year.  Together Counts™ is a fantastic organization that is all about teaching kids about moderation, energy balance, and having nutritious fun meals with your family. They also support the educational system with free lesson plan ideas to reinforce the importance of healthy, […]

What’s in your smoothie?


I am curious, what do you put in your smoothies?   I load mine up with all sorts of goodies, here is my list: 1.  Vanilla almond milk:  less calories than regular milk but more calcium.  Dairy and gluten free. 2.  handful of Organic baby spinach:  gives it a punch of  iron and magnesium 3.  Chia seeds: […]

Ouch, my muscles are so sore! ($100 gift card giveaway)


I took an entire week of from ALL forms of exercise over the holidays.  It was probably the first time that ever happened and the break was wonderful on my sore body.  (although the first few days it was mentally killing me to be without my daily workout!) When I got home,  I was eager and […]