Panasonic Open Ear Headphones—they don’t fall out!


I struggle with finding headphones that work for my tiny ears.  The earbuds are nice, but they ALWAYS fall out and I think I spend most of my workout stressing over them. I like the traditional over the head type headphones but sometimes those are bulky and make my head a sweaty mess. So when […]

Why you should choose the Westin


This is how important it is to research your hotel fitness prior to booking. I got a room at the Hampton Inn and this is what I got—-a few cardio machines and a stack of medicine balls.   This is what they consider strength training?!   The heaviest ball is only 8 pounds! Even more […]

This is what happens when your child is your fitness photographer!


Some bloggers have really awesome pictures on their blogs that look very professional. I, however, have grainy pictures that look like they were taken in a dungeon! I take most of my pictures myself but sometimes I ask my boys to help me out. Since they are little and haven’t yet grasped the art of […]

Workout Wednesday All about that Bass edition


I am addicted to this song.  I put it on repeat and can literally do my entire workout with just this one song repeating over and over and over…. I know there is controversy surrounding it’s meaning but as someone with a little extra junk in her trunk, I appreciate the song.   For workout […]

Home workout ideas from Ashley Horner


I’ve gotten a lot of emails about the various workout programs out there so I wanted to let you know that Ashley Horner, one of my my favorite fit mommies, is offering a sale on her training programs this weekend only.  Get 25% off with code HORNERLABORDAY She offers programs that can be done at home or ones […]

Making the Most of Your Workouts


If you are just getting started with your fitness lifestyle, today’s post from Amanda is just for you!  For moms, finding the time and energy to maintain a workout regimen is often challenging. Between work, raising children, running a household and maintaining relationships, finding the time to work out can be difficult, to say the […]

A must have for your home gym: the MostFit suspension strap


With 4 little kids running around,  I usually need to get my fitness on the fly. Like when I do kettlebell workouts in my kitchen.  (in my pajamas!) Or when I take my kids to hills and we run sprints. Or  when I workout with my sandbag in my backyard. Or when I run stairs […]

The “continental” breakfast at a hotel

frosted flakes

This weekend I went away with my boys to a family wedding.  We stayed in a nice hotel and for the most part I was able to make good food choices. On the return trip home,  my car keys somehow disappeared and I ended up stranded at a hotel with 4 small kids and no means […]

Fitness here, there and everywhere!


Need some fresh fitness ideas for the dog days of August?   Here ya go! Loading that laundry? How about some squats! Going to the mailbox? Lunge, lunge, lunge! My latest post on Health Central has some fun ideas for adding more fitness into your busy day.   If you have a vacation planned this […]