Hit the easy button and make more happen this summer!


Summer is coming soon which means my kids will be home all day long.  Can you hear the panic in my voice?  How am I going to stay on top of everything in life,  especially my workouts!?    Well, thankfully, I have this EASY button to help me out. Ha! I am kidding obviously but [...]

Let’s talk abs


Are you AB-worthy?   (Seinfeld, anyone?)  Check out my latest post on Health Central– my 5 favorite tips on how to get flat abs fast!      

It’s smoothie time with Vitamix! (giveaway)


***Contest is now closed and winner has been notified! Thanks for reading & stay tuned for more fun giveaways!*** Summer is coming and that means we have smoothies for breakfast in my house! It is the perfect healthy breakfast for a busy mom and one that even my kids love.  It is a win-win all [...]

Down for the count with knee surgery!


If you follow me on Facebook  (what? You don’t!  Fix that right now please!),  then you know that I had my knee scoped last week to clean up another meniscus tear.  My kids were grossed out by my stitches,  although I thought they were pretty mild.   It was nothing compared to the surgery I [...]

Reasons why I loathe the post-game snack in youth sports


My kids are on several sports teams and while I LOVE to watch them play,  I loathe everything about the post-game snack.   People think I’m over the top crazy with my opinion  but I am sticking to it! Here is a podcast I did with Porch Night about the topic (and a few other [...]

Kids on spring break? Add them to your workout.


My kids are off this week for spring break which means I’ve had to pull out all sorts of creative fitness ideas.  (I could drag myself out of bed before dawn and get it done,  but I am a night owl by nature and the early mornings make me a pretty grumpy mommy.) Here are [...]

Flat abs tips, workouts for kids, and my confession as a trainer


I haven’t written much here this past week because I’ve been busy writing other places.   (and taking my kids to soccer and football practices and games.  I love spring sports, don’t you?!) Here are a few of my posts around the web: Flat-abs secrets from health bloggers:   I’m so excited they included my [...]

Injured? So what.


I have unfortunately have had my fair share of injuries over the years.   About two weeks ago, I re-tore my bum knee doing lateral lunges.    (I had meniscus surgery about 6 years ago).   I knew I wasn’t supposed to do any lateral movements but I got caught up in the class I [...]

Towel with zippered pocket giveaway!


This is a great giveaway for those of you who bring a towel to the gym!   The towels are handmade and can be purchased from Etsy. Rachel is offering one towel as a giveaway for Workout Mommy readers!   Have you ever been at the gym trying to juggle your cell phone, keys, ear [...]