Racing on the beach and monkey bars with my kids


Last month, I went to the beach with my kids and some good friends.   The weather was awesome and we parked our chairs along the sand, ready to watch the kids play.   Instead of sitting down, I smiled at my friend Jamie and said , “hey! Let’s do a workout!” Since she is [...]

Finding time for fitness as a busy mom of 3 boys!


It is time for another installment of “One Fit Mommy”! As I surf around the blogosphere, I come across fit moms (and dads too!) who inspire me to fitness. From there, I hunt them down and force them to tell me their secrets, which I then share with you! Today’s fit mommy is a fellow [...]

How dare you make me feel guilty for setting a good example!


Some people in my life tell me I am selfish for taking time for workouts most days of the week. This picture right here is proof that is not the case.   Yes, I brought my kettlebells on vacation. Yes, I chose to do some snatches while my kids were (happily) playing around me. and [...]

What should I do first, cardio or weights?


I get this question all the time.    Read my latest post on Health Central to find out why there is no easy answer to this one. 

The Effect of Exercise on Diabetes


Today’s post is courtesy of Amanda.     Fitness is an important part of everyday life. It helps keep our bodies stronger and younger. But did you know that exercise also has positive effects on people affected by diabetes? More than 25 million adults over the age of 20 are affected by diabetes, and in [...]

Summer motivation (plus a giveaway!)

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 10.22.34 PM

My kids are out of school for the next 79 days.   This means I either get up at 5am to workout  (which most likely is not going to happen)  or I need to be very creative and start incorporating workouts at the park, in the kitchen, in the backyard while the kids are playing, [...]

Intermittent Fasting (IF)—yay or nay?


Recently I came across Dr. Sara Solomon and her IF protocol.  This woman is RIPPED and I thought I would give it a try.   What did I have to lose, right?    Well, just a small bit of my sanity! Before I go on, I have to say that Intermittent Fasting might have been [...]

Hit the easy button and make more happen this summer!


Summer is coming soon which means my kids will be home all day long.  Can you hear the panic in my voice?  How am I going to stay on top of everything in life,  especially my workouts!?    Well, thankfully, I have this EASY button to help me out. Ha! I am kidding obviously but [...]

Let’s talk abs


Are you AB-worthy?   (Seinfeld, anyone?)  Check out my latest post on Health Central– my 5 favorite tips on how to get flat abs fast!