Looking forward to 2015!


Personally,  2014 was one of the worst years of my life so I am very happy it is over!   (Good riddance!) My plan for 2015 is to move on with my life and find peace.  I am not a fan of resolutions, but I will say I need to clean up my diet and […]

Encouraging your kids to be athletes


Here is my latest post as an ambassador of the Together Counts™ program,  I’d love to know how you encourage your kids to be athletes!

Bodyweight workouts on the stairs


If you are headed out of town this holiday season or just don’t have access to equipment at home,  here are two of my favorite stair workouts that will deliver just as much bang for your buck.  I suggest 8-10 sets but please listen to your own body and go at a pace that works with […]

5 fitness gift ideas under $99!


It’s coming up on that time of the year again—are you ready?  Here are some fitness gift ideas for you or your friends. 1.  Massage:  A gift certificate for a massage is the perfect idea for people with sore muscles!  If that is too expensive,  consider a foam roller or a massage stick. 2.  Most Fit […]

When life gets busy, eat some protein


My oldest was in his first soccer tournament this weekend that involved a 2 hour drive, 6 hours on the field, and a 2 hour drive back home.  (yes, I really should pay more attention when I agree to these things!) Since I didn’t want to go the entire day without eating or be put in […]

Tips for staying fit during the holidays


As the holidays are rolling around,  too many people throw their fitness plan on the back burner because they are “too busy”.   Honestly though…does life ever slow down? Aren’t we busy all year long? Keep your focus by reminding yourself you have worked too hard for the past 10 months to blow it all over the […]

Workouts in my driveway help keep me sane


My kids were off from school yesterday for election day and while I really wanted to  hit the gym for a solo workout, it just wasn’t going to happen! So we all headed outside to the driveway for some exercise.  I did kettlebell swings,  push presses, and walking lunges  while my little guys burned off […]

Lainie is “One Fit Mommy”


About a year ago I came across Ashley Horner’s site and was immediately inspired.  I bought a few of her training programs and loved the intense, crazy workouts that pushed me beyond my comfort zone.  I joined her Facebook group and “met” a bunch of awesome women who are the definition of strong.  (We like to […]

Get the butt you have always wanted!


Whenever people tell me they don’t have time for exercise, I remind them that neither do I yet I choose to MAKE time.    And so can you! Here is a quick but intense workout for your Wednesday. As always, listen to your body and stop the workout if something doesn’t feel right, hurts, or you […]