Tips for staying fit as a single mom


If there is one thing I have learned over the past year as a single mom, it's that LIFE GOES ON. Bad shit will happen,  it is inevitable.  You just pick yourself up and move on to the next thing. Just as in may experience a setback, which will no doubt suck.....but you just pick yourself up and start over again. Here are my five tips for staying fit as a single mom: 1. Just do SOMETHING. Grab some free weights and do some lunges. Do step-ups on the coffee table.  Run laps Continue Reading

Happy Birthday to me and to Workout Mommy!


This week I celebrated my birthday by visiting VA Beach and managed to snag a personal training session with my FAVORITE personal trainer, Ashley Horner!!  (insert large girl scream here!)   If you have followed my blog for awhile, I am certain you know how much I respect/adore/admire her.  She is an absolute inspiration and I was so thrilled to discover she is just as nice in person.  (have you ever met someone you admired and it turns out they are a huge jerk? I have....and it Continue Reading

It’s Flex it Friday again!


I've managed to get some great workouts this week despite having the kids all around me.  (anyone else think summer break is about a month too long!?)   I put together bits and pieces of different workouts from Pipehitter and focused on intensity. My little guys love to watch.....and sometimes join in. My oldest is a good sport and always happy to flex with me,  even when I ask him to do "hulk smash"!   And this is my fit mommy friend who texted me for a park date Continue Reading

No one ever said it would be easy.


I fully admit that I sometimes look at my friends and think  "you have it so easy".  Whether it's because they only have one child, or their parents are still alive and play an active role in their life, or perhaps it is because they have a great job they love that pays the bills.  I know I should not think this way,  but many times I do. :/ The truth is, we all have our own hurdles and struggles. No one is spared from sadness or disappointment in life and the key factor in our happiness is Continue Reading