Common fitness excuses from moms


Too many times I hear my mom friends say "I don't have time for fitness right now." I cringe. I hate it.  I would rather you tell me: "Lisa, I hate exercising and I just don't want to do it. Please leave me alone. "  While I may not agree with that statement, I will respect your honesty. Please do NOT tell me you don't have time!  Everyone can squeeze out 10-15 minutes a day to do SOMETHING.  (seriously, if you are reading this post, you have a least a few minutes right there!) "I Continue Reading

2015 recap


Let's highlight of 2015 was definitely when I got to meet and train with Ashley Horner!  Total FAN GIRL MOMENT!! Other than that, the rest of the year was filled with stress around selling my house and then moving my family of 5 twice in a 10 month time span. I was stressed to the max and floundering as a single mom. I met some great new people and had to let some "old" friends go. Doors closed.  New doors opened.  I moved to a completely new town and I'm so much happier Continue Reading

How Sitting Still can Help Improve your Workout in 2016


This post was written by Holly Ashby from Will Williams Meditation, a meditation centre that teaches meditation in London. Image courtesy of samarttiw at As we enter the New Year and move past the Holiday festivities, even the fittest of us can be forgiven about feeling a little bit daunted about getting back into the normal workout routine. Setting new goals for the year ahead, and freshening up how we approach our workouts, can give us the little boost needed to get Continue Reading

Active Maternity with Autumn Calabrese will keep you in shape during and after your pregnancy!


Active Maternity from Beachbody on demand is the perfect fitness program for all you pregnant and postpartum mamas out there! When I was pregnant, I had the hardest time finding a workout that was challenging and safe. Active Maternity provides excellent workouts that will keep you active and fit with safe workouts you can do during and after your pregnancy. I was asked to review the program and here are my thoughts on it. Reasons why I love Active Maternity: *Convenience: I can easily Continue Reading