Get inspired by these fit moms!

Meeting other fit moms always inspires me. I love to hear about how they fit in the time for exercise and what has (and has not) worked for them. I feature these moms as part of my “One Fit Mommy” series. Below are the links to their interviews, refer to them often for inspiration!

Mrs. Fatass

Yes, you can do burpees when you are pregnant!

One fit grandma!

Kerri from FitViews–from a size 22 to an 8!

Katie started her fitness journey at 253 pounds!

Sistas of Strength

Tina from Faith, Fitness, Fun

Colleen has lost over 100 pounds!

Maria Kang

Running Rachel

The Anti-Jared

Coach Jenn

Hiking Mommy

Kettlebell on the beach mommy

Sharon Mann

Running for Autism Speaks

Cheryl Fenton

Fit mommy goes to circus school

Fit mommy who lost 137 pounds!

She hired a trainer to meet her goals

Trainer Momma

Hannah stays in shape with her Ergo baby carrier

She lost 100 pounds and placed 6th in the Mrs. Idaho competition!

Caitlin from Mommy Athletes

Maria Bailey: if she has the time then so do you!

Plank like a mother with Fit 4 Moms!

A diabetes diagnosis started her on the path to ‘One Fit Mommy”!

Weight Watchers helped her become a fit mommy

Fit Mommy on the Farm

Getting bikini ready

Colleen is a fit and active mommy

Fitness and the single mom

Another marathon mommy

Think, act, and live well

Calendar workout mom

Personal trainer mom

She transformed her body and life

Linda from sundry mourning

Jennifer Lopez: new mom, new triathlete

Moms Club marathon runners

Kara Thom, an Ironman Triathlete

Cindy Posey from Go Workout Mom

Lauren Brooks, a kettlebell mommy

Sarah Lurie: fit mommy to be

Marathon mommy

Sister Skinny

Gina Kehr, professional triathlete

Charlotte from The Great Fitness Experiment

Abs are built in the kitchen

Running while pregnant


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