Workout mommy is a blog about health and fitness for moms and was established in August 2007.  Being a mom requires that you work 24/7 for someone other than yourself, so finding time to exercise and stay healthy is a challenge. I’m here to help you with that challenge and to keep you motivated and on task.

It CAN be done!

Who is workout mommy?

My name is Lisa and in my life before kids, I was a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, marathon runner, and overall fitness junkie. I woke up early to workout and I stayed up late to workout. I didn’t think much would change when I had children, so clearly I had absolutely NO IDEA what being a mommy was like!

I started this blog in August 2007 shortly after the birth of my second son.Now, I am a single mom of FOUR little boys and I struggle with finding the time each day to commit to my fitness and health goals.


It is a struggle…I am not going to lie…but it is one that is worth it.

My goal with this blog is to provide motivation, inspiration, and ideas on how to fit in exercise, fitness, and health in your busy  day. After all, a fit mommy is a happy mommy!  (and for me, it also helps keep my sanity in check!)

I’m a former certified personal trainer with NASMHKC with Dragon Door, and also held Group Fitness certification with AFAA.

Please join me in the daily challenge to become fit, healthy, and happy!

Remember gang:  Never underestimate the power of a workout!


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