Finding time for fitness as a busy mom of 3 boys!

It is time for another installment of “One Fit Mommy”!
As I surf around the blogosphere, I come across fit moms (and dads too!) who inspire me to fitness. From there, I hunt them down and force them to tell me their secrets, which I then share with you!


Today’s fit mommy is a fellow boy mom!   Robina Abramson is 36 years old and has three boys ages 9,7,5.    Robina is a  fitness and lifestyle expert in Toronto Ontario Canada and a personal trainer and entrepreneur owning Wholistic Body-Building & Wellness .  Please read on for more about Robina and how she is definitely “One Fit Mommy”!

Q: Have you always been fit?  What inspired you to live a fit lifestyle?

I was fit as a teenager. I played a lot of sports but as I got in my later teens I found myself living very unhealthy. I smoked in university, and gained a lot of weight from living a sedentary lifestyle despite entering a career in the health profession. I became a nurse and really overweight with the shift work and eating a lot of junk food all hours of the day. When I wanted to get pregnant I started considering losing the weight but only through diet. It wasn’t until I had my first child and became very overweight due to a complicated pregnancy which put me on bed rest did I consider losing the weight with exercise. Being a new mom with no friends with babies made me seek the support from a local mommy fitness group.  I ended up loving exercising and haven’t looked back since. With all of my babies I have gone on bed rest so I have gained 60+ lbs each pregnancy and worked hard to keep it off each time.

Q: What advice do you have for moms who claim they don’t have time for exercise?

 I know it seems like you couldn’t possibly have time for yourself especially when taking care of kids. I joined a local gym with a daycare that I trusted. I did my research. I went to many gyms but wanted to find the one that would leave my mind at ease. I didn’t want to go somewhere where my boys would be put in front of a television but I wanted whoever watched them to be attentive. This allowed me to exercise with no guilt attached to it.
Q: How have your workouts changed since having a baby?

My workouts are more organized. I think about what muscle groups I want to work and how I can hit them most effectively. I focus on form rather than just getting the workout done.
Q: Are you more of a cardio mommy or strength training mommy?

I started out as a cardio mommy but now I am a strength training lover. I was not getting the results I wanted solely with cardio, I workout to be healthy and strong and I know I can get those results with weight training.

Q: What is your least favorite exercise?

The rear delt machine. It has taken me so long to perfect the motion of working my rear delts (rear of the shoulder). Delts are usually undertrained because we can’t see them so most people don’t know how to contract that muscle.

Q: Do you have any mental tricks that you use when you just don’t feel like working out? 

I also put my workouts in my calendar like an appointment that I can’t break. One of my mental tricks is I think about what workout I will be doing the night before so that I know what I am up against. If I plan it in my head then I will follow through.
Q: Random question:  what is your go-to snack food?

My go-to snack food is anything with sweet potatoes. I make a really amazing sweet potato protein shake. It tastes like pumpkin pie. Take 1 baked sweet potato, water, protein powder, cinnamon and ginger. Blend with lots of ice! Enjoy

Thank you Robina for being a fitness inspiration to moms and women everywhere!  You can follow Robina on her accounts with  Instagram ,  Facebook, and Twitter.