How dare you make me feel guilty for setting a good example!

Some people in my life tell me I am selfish for taking time for workouts most days of the week.
This picture right here is proof that is not the case.  fitnessmom

  • Yes, I brought my kettlebells on vacation.
  • Yes, I chose to do some snatches while my kids were (happily) playing around me.
  • and yes,  my 2 year old decided to sit down, watch, and then IMITATE my movement with his tiny arm and seashell.

This made my heart so happy.

My kids are growing up with the understanding that exercise is important for our bodies and minds.  If you think that makes me selfish, you should probably sit down and take a close look at your own life.  I’m slowly learning to tune out the naysayers in my  life and do what I know is right.   I will no longer feel guilty for taking care of myself and setting a good example for my kids.



My vacation workouts included a lot of short (but intense) circuits.   Jump roping, squat jumps, burpees, etc.  I set a timer for 15 minutes and just run through as many circuits as possible.


Just enough to get the endorphins running and make my body feel good.

With trainers as cute as these, how could you resist?  :)



What is your favorite vacation workout?


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    Way to go mama! Don’t let those ‘haters’ ruin your vacation or role modeling skills. I NEED my workouts during my day to be a good mom. If I only GIVE… I never have time to refresh my tank. <3 WE need to be filled too… and it is hard when we are with our littles all day long.

    I love seeing yoru youngest mimic your motions with the kb! My kids think it is normal that every mom runs marathons. haha! :)
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    Great job getting your workouts in on vacation! I totally agree that you are setting a great example and have nothing to be guilty about!

    I usually walk and hike a lot on vacation and get in a few strength workouts as well as a short daily yoga/Pilates workout.

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    I haven’t been on vacay in FOREVER, but I make it a point to sweat at least 20 minutes a day. Marli loves watching me and sometimes tries to participate and she’s only 15 months. It’s never too soon to start setting good examples for your little ones so don’t you feel guilty about that :) Love anything that includes my kettlebell.

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    I totally agree… I never worry about the naysayers. Thankfully I have a lot of support from those around me. I I often catch my 2 and 3 year old “playing” exercise. They do push ups and planks and plank-jacks… It makes me proud that I have set an example that they want to emulate. You should feel proud too! With schools eliminating recess and gym class we have to teach our kids the importance of exercise and play!

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    My son, now seven, has worked out with me since he was two. He’s the best trainer I have. Screw the people who call it selfish. Modeling great workouts and a healthy lifestyle is awesome. And who knows, maybe one day your youngest will be your personal trainer. :) Also, I want your abs. So *I* am inspired.

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    I agree with you. Even though you have kids, you still need to have a time for yourself. We all need that for growth right? Those people telling you that silly things are close minded people. Don’t mind them. It’s not your fault that they don’t understand you. It’s their undoing. Good luck and always have fun with your workouts! :)