Laura has lost 102 pounds and just finished her first 5k at Walt Disney World!

It is time for another installment of “One Fit Mommy”!
As I surf around the blogosphere, I come across fit moms (and dads too!) who inspire me to fitness. From there, I hunt them down and force them to tell me their secrets, which I then share with you!


Today’s fit mommy is Laura, who ran her first 5k at the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend last weekend!    When Laura’s weight prevented her from playing with her nine-year-old son, she knew it was time to take action. In February 2013, she joined a local YMCA and began working with a trainer to get in shape. But then she hit a plateau and stopped losing weight. That’s when Laura’s trainer encouraged her to start running several times a week and even challenged Laura to run a 5K.

Q: Have you always been fit? What inspired you to live a fit lifestyle?

I was very fit until I reached high school. My nickname on my softball team was Peanut. Once I hit puberty, the weight started to go up. I had some ups and downs, but at my highest, a little over a year ago, I weighed 325 pounds. My inspiration came when my son, whom I had fairly late in life, told me he wanted a mommy who could play ball and run with him. That woke me up, and then I realized he was getting heavy too. I had to change things for him.

My employer Cigna has also inspired me to be more health conscious, as they encourage healthy lifestyles amongst their employees. They have programs we can follow, and I have a flexible work at home schedule that allows me to take the time I need to go to my fitness classes during the day. So far, I have lost 102 pounds since February 2013!

Q: What advice do you have for moms who claim they don’t have time for exercise?

you can always find time. there are mommy and me classes, there are yoga classes you can go to with an infant, If you really want to exercise, you can always find the time. Make crock pot meals instead of cooking on the stove….. Find your local YMCA, most have child care while you take group classes. I find that working out with a group is a lot more fun, and they hold you accountable.

Q: How have your workouts changed since having a baby?

I didn’t work out much before my son. I have two older daughters, but was never interested then. I got lazy, and sedentary, and depressed, and that is when my son woke me up. He needed a mom who could do things for him, and with him.

Q: Are you more of a cardio mommy or strength training mommy?

Most of my group workouts are cardio, such as Piloxing(my absolute favorite), as well as RIPPED, Zumba, Aqua Zumba…… I also did personal training with the trainer from the YMCA once or twice a week for a half hour at a time, That was when we concentrated on strength and toning.

Q: What is your least favorite exercise?

My least favorite exercise is SPIN class, it hurts my knees, and I still can’t do a burpee. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t get back up! Also, crunches are not my friend, as they make me nauseous.

Q: Do you have any mental tricks that you use when you just don’t feel like working out?

My trainer, Diane is in my head! I just think about what she would say to me if she was there, and get moving. Sometimes, when it got really bad, I would call her and ask her for an extra session to get me back on track. I also started chronicling my journey on Facebook, hoping to have my friends hold me accountable. That turned around a bit, as a lot of them used me for inspiration to get them started too.

Q: Random question: what is your go-to snack food?

I don’t have one particular go to food. When I started this journey, I told everyone that it had to be on my terms. I still eat foods I like, but in modification. If I had to pick a favorite healthy snack, I would pick an apple, or peaches in strawberry juice.

Congratulations Laura! You are definitely “One Fit Mommy!”
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