Do you Crossfit?

I recently got the chance to take a Crossfit class with my in real life friend Jamie.

It was all sorts of awesome.  Our WOD included 3 rounds of:

  • 1 running lap around building (about 1/4 mile)
  •  25 pull ups
  •  25 push ups
  •  25 sit ups
  • 25 squats

The pull-ups killed me.  As I looked around and saw others just cranking them out, I admit I felt like I sucked.

pull ups


Other than that, it was great!! After spending the past 18 months working out at home alone it was SO NICE to be back in a group fitness environment.

I wore my awesome outfit from Reebok and looked “official”!  :)   (some of their stuff is on a great sale right now, don’t miss out!) 

While I did love the class and the WOD,  I am not sure that Crossfit is the workout plan for me.  My upper body was so sore the next day from so many push ups and pull ups that it hindered my workout schedule for several days.  I like more of a “mix”, but maybe I’m judging too quickly based on one class?

What do you think?  Do you Crossfit?  

Share your thoughts and experiences!

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Disclosure: Reebok sent me the awesome outfit which I love and bought more of with my own money. :) I was not paid for this post. All opinions and sore muscles are my own.


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    I have a few questions. Normally there is a beginner wod. Is that what you did? Sounds like you went all out your first time. That happens and you do end up sore for days. You really challenged yourself. There are modifications but you have to get out of your head. Don’t look around because those people have been doing it a lot longer.

    You did 75 reps of everything. You do get better, it doesn’t get easier and some days are better than others. Every box is different. Some trainers mix it up and some trainers program to work the same muscle groups over and over.

    You have to be really smart about your training. You know what you have been doing. Crossfit works so many muscle groups at the same time. It’s not focused around one body part. Hard to make a judgement after day one. Give it the 3 strikes your out method. :)
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    While I wouldn’t consider myself an avid crossfitter… I do like it when I go. I just love the moral and commadre of the group that is always there. Yes, the workouts are hard… but they are hard for EVERYONE! :)

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    That’s a b*tch of a WOD, and the fact that it was your first one, and that you finished it, is awesome! Don’t look at what others are doing. Everyone is at a different level and has been doing it for a different period of time.

    You’re going to be sore as hell at first. After my second WOD I could barely move for a week. It’ll get better though. If you decide to stick with it (and I hope you will), don’t be afraid to scale down anything, and focus on your own progress. :)
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    Yo woman!! You did awesome on your first WOD!! Might I remind you…you beat me 😉 But, I’ll admit…I am always sore somewhere. But never so much that I can’t workout the next day. Anytime you wanna come back, let me know…it was fun to have a friend there 😉

    Jamie :)