Staying fit while on vacation

Vacation doesn’t mean you have to scrap your workouts entirely!
Here are 3 ways you can stay on plan without missing out on vacation time:

1.  If you are driving, bring your favorite portable fitness equipment with you. I always pack my kettlebells–how about you?

2.  Walk/run everywhere.   Discover new routes and explore new types of workouts. (sprints on the beach anyone?)

3.  Bodyweight workouts.   You can do squats, lunges, burpees, pushups, etc.  wherever you are.  Even just 10-15 minutes can make a huge difference in your day.


What are some of your favorite ways to stay in shape while on vacation?


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        I always hit up the hotel/resort gym. Working out is a hobby for me not a torturous chore. When i’m on the beach walks down the shore line are great. The nature of the sand works the leg muscles more and never hurts to get a little sun kissed while at the beach!
        ~ Sarah @ flexdeal