Why bring a stroller when you can rent?

I have so much to tell you about the Disney Social Media Moms conference but for now, I want to talk strollers.

When you are headed to Disney,  do NOT bring your stroller with you!  And by all means,  DO NOT rent the stroller in the park!
We made this mistake a few years ago and never will I do it again.

Why rent a stroller?   Because it is 10 zillion times easier!!!!! :)

Kingdom Strollers has a fantastic fleet of strollers to choose from, including my absolute favorite the Bob Revolution Duallie.
It is the exact same stroller I have at home, so it made it super easy for my kids to jump in and I was very familiar with how it worked/folded.  (no worries if you are not, you will get detailed instructions).

Our stroller was waiting for us at our resort  (no worry about picking it up!)  and we just left it with the hotel concierge upon checkout. Super simple and easy!  

I also LOVED how you don’t have to be staying at a Disney property –they will deliver to most Orlando attraction area hotels, resorts and vacation homes.  Your return location can also be different,  as ours was.  I just indicated that on my rental form and I was able to leave the stroller with bell services at the Contemporary Resort  on the day I left.
Awesome, right?

Seriously though, the stroller rental at the actual park is awful.  It’s expensive ($27-$31 per day) and the stroller is rock hard and uncomfortable. The canopy does NOT cover your kids, it is cumbersome to push,  and you cannot take it out of the park at all.  Have sleeping kids at the end of the day?  Oh well,  you must dump them out upon leaving and drag everything with you. (even if you are hopping parks,  you still cannot bring that stroller with you!)

Renting from Kingdom Strollers gives you the convenience and comfort at a VERY affordable rate.   (Our Bob Duallie was $75 for 5 nights.)

Your stroller is also labeled with your name, which makes it much easier to find in the sea of strollers.


I had a lot of people ask if we had labeled the stroller ourselves and when I told them about renting from Kingdom Strollers, they all said “what a great idea!”

Yep, it sure is!
Make sure you do the same thing the next time you hit the Disney parks!

PS: Another bonus of renting the BOB?  I literally ran through the park from ride to ride.   My kids thought it was awesome and I got a little workout in too! :)


Disclosure: I received a complimentary rental in exchange for a review.  My love for Kingdom Strollers and the Bob Duallie are strictly my own! 




  1. Nicole says

    I also love renting a stroller–my family did this for a trip to Las Vegas, renting a box of toys and a stroller. It went very smoothly! It was so nice to have waiting for us in the hotel! (and not to have extra stuff to pack and carry at the airport) I actually rented a nicer stroller than I have at home. Glad you had fun! Looking forward to reading more.

  2. says

    I am really glad that their are some strollers that are for rent. Because it is the easy way for you to carry in the hand labor of your baby on your jaunt. Stroller rentals is really helpful!