Eboost is on sale!

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This is the best mother’s day present I could get right now!  

They are not paying me to say this nor is this is a sponsored post.  I just LOVE it that much!


It is my go-to drink each morning because it is all natural and contains no fake sugars, chemicals, etc. (and it has really helped curb my diet soda addiction!)   It gives me just the energy boost I need without the added crap.

Not sure if you believe it?   Here are the ingredients as posted on their website.   Let me know if something stands out to you:

Eboost ingredients

So go on and stock up on Eboost now before I buy it all up!  (sale ends May 12, 2013)

Disclosure:  That is an affiliate link. If you buy through that link, I might earn enough to get a free bottle which would make this Eboost-loving mommy very happy!  :)


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    another e-drink?? It seems to be loaded with B12, something you could only get at a weight loss clinic as a shot, now every energy drink seems to be adding it to their energy drinks as a substitute for sugar. The Asians have been taking all these herbs aka; ingredients for centuries and we just figured it out in the past 15 years or so of the health benefits of it.