Teen Mom and m&ms

Life around here isn’t always one workout after the other.  I am a real person and there are days when the LAST thing I want to do is workout.

Today was one of them.

Personal issues in my life have me down and I literally said out loud  (to myself, lol!) that all I want to do right now is lie down on the couch to watch Teen Mom and eat some M&Ms.  (my drug of choice) 

There it is gang, REALITY!   I get it.  Sometimes life sucks you down a hole and you have no idea how to get out.
Well,  you just have to MAKE yourself and that’s what I did.  I literally gave myself a pep talk (out loud…to myself again!) and jumped into a tough workout.

As I was on the floor recovering, I took this picture…..which made me laugh.



(can you see what’s in the background? That would go great with my Teen Mom marathon, wouldn’t it?)  

I then went for a quick walk in the warm sunshine.   I feel a thousand times better right now and once again proved to myself to never underestimate the power of a workout.

Cheaper than therapy and sometimes more effective. 

Now, I’m off to pick up all my little ones and make the best of the day!  

Have you ever used a workout as a means of therapy? 
and be honest….do you also watch Teen Mom?   


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    Good on you for being so honest in a post. Far too often people online hide behind their keyboard and pretend to have 100% perfect lives!

    I love the “running is my prozac” picture too :-) I totally agree!

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    I think I feel like that everyday :) Only instead of teen mom, I like to watch anything on TLC ie: Say Yes to the Dress, 4 Weddings, A Baby Story, What Not to Wear, Hoarding Buried Alive, Medical Miracles, How the Lottery Changed my Life…. LOL! I can literally sit and fold laundry to hours and hours of that stuff (and like you, folding laundry literally takes hours!). Hugs and I hope everything works itself out for you!
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    Guilty!!! I do watch. I’m not sure what I’m trying to fix by watching it. I’m partly fascinated because I was a teen mom. Yep, not something I would recommend but that was then and this is now and she’s all grown up so that’s a closed chapter. lol

    Yes I use work outs as therapy. There were months when I would go 5-6 times a week. I really needed an outlet. I’m a little better now. lol
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    Working out is my daily therapy! With 4 children to take care of, it is that blessed hour everyday that I take for ME.

    I have never seen Teen Mom, although my sister tells me it is quite addictive. I don’t think I can squeeze in another addiction at the moment so I’ll have to take her word for it. :) And, for the record, I love me some M&Ms! Peanut butter used to be my fave, but my current obsession is the pretzel M&Ms. Salty + sweet = AMAZING!

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    I don’t watch teen mom, but when I don’t want to do anything…my weakness is playing World of Warcraft. Or Skylanders. Total gamer, lol. And I work out for therapy all the time. I think every time I work out it’s for mental health reasons. The high I get is worth the effort. Some days I’ll only work out because I’m supporting a friend (they’re instructors” but I always walk away feeling sooo much better. The type of exercise I do depends on my mood…if I need to get out some anger I prefer boxing or weight training, and Spinning is my favorite for when I just need to clear my head, shake the negativity, and “get in my zone”.
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