Disney Social Media Moms!

I have been sitting on this secret for awhile and I still have not told my kids! I am so excited to be going to the Disney Social Media Moms conference next week at Disney World. Although I have no princess lovers in my family, we are still a Disney-loving crew and I cannot wait to go back!

The last time I was there, I ran the Princess Half Marathon while 18 weeks pregnant.   Isn’t Minnie adorable?  :)


The time before that, I ran the Princess Half Marathon when baby #3 was just 12 weeks old.

This time, I am happy to report, I do not have a newborn nor am I pregnant! (dear universe, please do not jinx me!)

I am sure Disney has all sorts of FUN surprises in store for me and my family, which I will be happy to report. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with our adventures.

As for workouts, I will be walking a TON and logging all the steps on my awesome Fitbit Zip.  There is a special 2 mile fun run at the ESPN Zone for conference attendees, so I am VERY excited about another Run Disney opportunity! We will be running and chatting with Ali Vincent, season 5 champion of the Biggest Loser!

I will also be sure to look out for all the healthy eating options that Disney has to offer.  (Note to self: just say NO to the funnel cake!)

and finally, for anyone that has ever traveled with 4 small children, you know THAT in itself is one heckuva workout! :)

I’m super excited gang!  Have you ever been to Disney?  What is your favorite ride/attraction?