Treadmill workouts

I had a lot of comments on this post about how a treadmill is not worth the money . I agree that for many people, it’s not necessary but for running moms with little ones—it really comes in handy!  During this season of my life, it is something I use a lot to help maintain my fitness.

That being said, the idea of running long on the treadmill does not excite me anymore. Thanks to Jill Coleman,  I have gotten hooked on sprinting. Burns more fat, takes less time. What’s not to love?

Here is the workout I did today. I’ll tell you my pace, but please go at whatever pace challenges you:

1 mile warm at 6.0
1 minute at 8.8
1 minute recovery at 5.0
*repeat 5 times**
1 minute at 9.5
1 minute at 4.0
**repeat 5 times**
1 mile  at 6.5


Total workout time was about 43 minutes. I then cooled down, stretched, and foam rolled. All under an hour. All while two little kids were peacefully sleeping. Without my treadmill, this workout could have never happened!

How do you spice up your treadmill workouts?


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    This is a great post. My wife has wanting to get a treadmill for this same reason. I think I am going to have to give into this. You make the treadmill sound like a great workout. Thanks for the post!

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    I love this! Thanks for posting. I don’t have a treadmill yet, but I’m seriously considering one for just that reason- I have two little boys, I’m picking up running again, and it’s hard to always find the time to run! I find the best time to exercise is while they’re sleeping, so this may be in my future.

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    IMO – a treadmill or any large Nordic Track style home fitness equipment is nothing more than a large dust gathering device and or very fancy clothes rack, just my 2 cents..

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      @Marc: well mine never gets a chance to collect dust nor clothes! It is a necessary piece of equipment for me and many others with small kids who don’t get the chance to run outside. :)

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    I love my 8 year old treadmill. I initially purchased it to lose weight for our wedding. After the kids came, it was the only way I could work out when they were sleeping. Young kids like to play with the belt, so it only goes on when there eyes are shut. Without it, I would easily be in bigger pants. I spice it up with good music,, and visualization that the blank wall in front of me is a scenic few of a past race. Having the TV on close captions helps me keep track of the time so I don’t miss the bus for the older kids. Kind of hard to explain to the bus company that I was in “zone.”

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    At home cardio equipment is incredibly helpful in making it more convenient to get your exercise in for the day. It is a time saver and takes away the excuse of not making it outside to run or bike because of inclement weather. It is such a great point too that doing intervals like you did make it more fun and actually provide so many more long term health benefits than just your standard run or bike.
    Jen Helms´s last blog post ..Getting Started: Indoor Cycling for Beginners

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    I prefer a rowing machine to a treadmill because it gives you an upper body work out at the same time. It has to be a quality one though!