Yes, I wear yoga pants every single day!

If you know me in real life,  you know that I literally live in yoga pants.
That is pretty much all I own.  I am attending a friend’s wedding in June and I’m already trying to figure out how I can manage to wear yoga pants.   (kidding. A little.) 

Not only are yoga pants super comfy but they remind and allow me to stay active all day long!  I might need to sneak in a set of burpees, or a stair workout,  throw around a sandbag,  take part in an impromptu game of soccer in the front yard,  or do a little bit of yoga.

I joke with my friends by calling my yoga pants my ‘mom-i-form’!

Staying active and healthy is part of my daily life, just like my yoga pants.

Why is an active and fit lifestyle important to me?  

  • I want to be able to play and run with my boys for many years to come.  I look forward to the days when we can run races together, instead of them watching from the sidelines.
  • Exercise is a huge stress reliever and when the going gets rough—this mommy needs to get running.   With each pounding step on my treadmill, I let off a little bit of steam and stress that has built up in my head.   It is the best free therapy out there!
  • and yoga pants.  Let’s not forget the fact that it allows me to wear yoga pants every single day.   :)


Why is an active and fit lifestyle important to you? 


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  1. To keep up with my kids!
    I just want to feel better.
    I would love to look better.
    I didn’t have to worry about this stuff in my 20’s but after the 4th baby I had to get really serious about putting my health first.
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  2. I love yoga pants. My splurge last year was a pair from Athleta. I may have to find a reason to get a new pair every year. My only issue is that they weren’t quite warm enough in the coldest part of winter, but otherwise perfect. And with a nice top they just look like black slacks. I do “heart” my yoga pants.

    For my cousins wedding, I didn’t wear yoga pants, but I did wear a comfy dress from Athleta. I fit right in. :)

  3. I LOVE yoga pants too. Im beginning to think a little too much lol. I know it does allow us to do more and be more active for sure… I love my workouts too. Are you currently doing a particular workout?

  4. Yes! That is my philosophy exactly. You may have to sneak it in so be prepared to play and sweat at all times. :-) plus like you, is almost all I’ve got. :-) great to find a kindred spirit!
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  5. I would wear yoga pants 24/7 if I could! They are so comfortable and lightweight. Maybe I should look into a career change and go into fitness instructing or working at a gym so that I can get away with it?
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  6. Oh my gosh, I’m with you 100%! Yoga pants are the best! I’m glad that they have become more mainstream and you can get away with wearing them all day (except for work I guess). I wear them when working out, shopping, cooking, or just lounging around the house.

  7. Have you considered getting a pair of white yoga pants for the wedding? 😉 I’ve been reflecting on what you said, and if you are wearing yoga pants (or any fitness gear for that matter) it is sort of like a motivation to get fit. It sort of makes you feel fit, so you are more inclined to do what you have to do in order to fit that image. I’m going to try wearing more sports gear more often and see if it can help motivate me.

  8. Yoga pants for wedding!! It would be a new cool thing:)

    In the morning, I shower and wear yoga pants. That motivates me not to skip my work out at the gym or regular yoga class.
    Also, there are cute pants available, I go anywhere with my yoga pants, and actually people see me I am “active” fitness person, that benefits me.
    Yay for yoga pants!

  9. That sounds like my nieces! They live in yoga pants and leggings. I thought it was just a fashion thing…but now I believe you are on to something!
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