Workout Wednesday: weight vest and stairs!

Disclaimer! I bought this Hyper Vest SXY from myself!  They didn’t pay me or send me a free one,  this is mine ALL mine!! :)

I have wanted one for awhile and after selling off some outdated equipment, I saved enough money to get it!  It’s 5 pounds and the perfect addition to your cardio workouts.  I’ve used it for running sprints,  doing lunges,  step ups,  and as you will see in the video below—running up and down the stairs.  I also wear it to the park, the grocery store,  etc.

Do you need a weight vest to do this workout?  Of course not!   But it definitely makes it more fun!  :)

I love the vest because it isn’t bulky or uncomfortable.  As you will see in the video,  it doesn’t bounce around or ride up while I am running.   You could also do this with a weighted backpack, although the weight distribution would not be even and it probably would bounce around a lot.

So here is my quick at home workout with my new weighted vest:

It doesn’t matter HOW you get it done though as long as you do it!
So go now and MOVE YOUR BODY!

PS:  Hyperwear is offering 10% off right now &  free shipping on Sandbells with code SLAM10.   I don’t have those. Yet!  :)


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    The vest does look nice, but I don’t know if I’d like doing sprints in it. I’d be hot! But I can see how it could kick your workout up a notch. Very efficient.