Kicking the diet soda habit (again)

You longtime readers (thank you!) know that I have struggled with an addiction to Diet Pepsi for many, many years.  I know all the science behind WHY I should not drink it, but I still do.   My mom was a chain smoker when I was growing up and I used to get so angry at her and ask her why didn’t she just quit?  She knew it was bad for her, yet she chose to continue to smoke.   One day, she just up and quit….cold turkey….and now I can’t even wrap my brain around how she did it and never looked back.   She didn’t cheat or complain about it—she just did it!

So that my friends is really what I need to do.  I need to give up my fountain soda obsession and just stop this nonsense.  I’ve cut back a lot over the past few weeks  (going from 4-5 cans a day to only 1!)  and this is what has helped me:

  • Water.  Lots of it.  I have always loved water, so this one isn’t tough for me.
  • Omega Infusion:  Although I do love regular water, when I am eating meals I like to have something with flavor.  I was given some Omega Infusion water to test out and I really like the taste.  It gives just enough flavor, but not super sweet like some of the other flavored waters.  It also packs the benefit of containing 80mg of essential omega-3s, Vitamin C, and four B vitamins.  Since I do not eat any kind of fish, I need an alternate source of omega-3 fatty acids and I am thrilled that I can get it from a zero calorie drink!  It comes in 4 different flavors–fruit punch, citrus, berry and orange.  (my fave was the fruit punch).  You can learn more about Omega Infusion over on their Facebook page and twitter account.
  • Limiting carbs/snack items:  I’ve had to cut out most carby snack items.  I found that if I was going to have crackers or popcorn,  I ALWAYS wanted a diet soda to go with them so if I don’t eat these, I don’t crave the drink to go with them.
  • Eboost:  this has been critical for the energy/caffeine component.  Since I don’t like coffee or tea, I need to get some energy from something!  This does the trick and does not give me any kind of energy crash later on.

These 4 things have helped me thus far and I’m hoping they will do the trick to help me kick the habit once and for all.
Have any tips that have worked for you?  :)


Disclosure:  I received bottles of the Omega Infusion to try plus compensation in exchange for this post. All opinions and addictions are 100% my own.



  1. Shruti says

    I used to have one can a day. Now i am up to 1 can a week and i still feel pretty bad about it. But the worst part with me is if i give up one addiction, i start on a new one. Like chocolate. I just cant seem to give that up!

  2. says

    I was forced to give up my diet coke habit when I started having panic attacks! I went cold turkey, but I felt so much better that I wasn’t even tempted to have one.

  3. says

    It is very important to remove soda from the diet so congrats on taking the steps to reduce and eliminate it! I know because I used to drink a case of soda a week. That was over 16 years ago and today soda is not a part of my daily intake. One of the things that I did that helped was originally I replaced soda with Bubbly water. This made it much easier for me to quit. Thanks for sharing your success. Best Regards, Wendy
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  4. says

    Good on you for quitting soda. I can’t relate to a soda addiction though. If I am addicted to anything it would be chocolate and sweet deserts!

  5. Laurie Heap MD says

    Women frequently “self medicate” with caffeine when really their problem is hormone imbalance due to an era of chronic stress! I am a mother of multiple young children–and I understand stress! Exercise can help lower stress hormone levels–but thyroid function can be slowed which then leads to a progesterone deficiency (which causes irritability, headaches, depression, anxiety). You may want to look at your hormone status if you are having trouble weaning yourself off diet sodas to get through the day!

  6. says

    I agree that going cold turkey is the best way to go. If you like water then you are already ahead of most other people. I used to hate drinking tasteless water and used to drink colas like it was water (the sugary…make that high fructose corn syrupy, not the diet colas which I always could not stand). However, when I got to college and needed to stay up late for exams (and I cannot stand coffee) I realized I had to cut back on my soda drinking if I wanted to have the right effect late at night. So then I started only drinking sodas when staying up late, or if I could find uncaffeinated (which luckily was not that available). Eventually when I got out of college and no longer needed to stay up late, I basically stopped drinking it. When I learned about how bad sodas really were later, I was really glad I did. Now about the only thing I drink is water.
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  7. says

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