Kids and yoga

I am terrible when it comes to stretching, mobility and yoga.    It’s sad, but true.  I usually groan when the kids ask me to get out the yoga mats, but I never regret it afterwards.

My little guys LOVE to do all things yoga!

“watch me, mommy!”  
“this is fun!”  
“what else can we do?”

Why do we FORGET how much fun this can and should be as we get older?

Go roll out that yoga mat gang and streeeeeeettttttccchhhh out some muscles.   Who knows, you may even find your inner child for just a few minutes!  :)



  1. says

    LOVE my yoga time! My kids are all grown :-( altho my daughter does yoga with me when she’s home from college! My dogs, however, are all too happy to join me! Perhaps my grandchildren will take part when I am bless with them!

  2. says

    I am just starting to get into Yoga, I am also gonna get my kids involved in to this after reading this. You are an inspiration to me very much.