Tabata workout!

I am addicted to workouts that involve a timer!  Seriously unless I know that something is going to beep at me, I have a hard time staying focused.

I had to break up with my Gymboss though and now I am in love with this new app  “Tabata Pro”.   Well worth the $2.99 price tag in my opinion.  Although the Gymboss is awesome,  I could never figure out how to pause it during a session.   So basically if my kid came up and needed to use the bathroom,  I would lose several rounds of my workout while I was helping him.   (there is also the added stress of my timer “beeping” as the kid was trying to use the bathroom and I was thinking in my head  “oh nooooo! I am missing rounds 7, 8, and 9!!!” )

Tabata Pro  has a pause button (yay!) and it also integrates with any music playlists you have on your phone.  It also has a prepare setting,  which allows you time to get in position and get ready for the workout to start.

My only complaint is that if a song comes on that I don’t like,   there is no way to skip it.  Usually there is no time to worry about it anyway, but that would be a nice option in the future.

So here is a workout that I did last week, with my new fancy app.  (That I paid for.   And the Gymboss too.  So no disclosures necessary or affiliate stuff.   They are MINE, all mine!!!)

  • 20 seconds of work/10 seconds of rest
  • 6 rounds of each
  • 20 minute workout

1.  Squat jumps

2.  push ups

3.  Jump lunges

4.  mountain climbers

5.  Kettlebell swings

6.  Burpees

(sorry, I don’t know how to make one of those fancy images that make people want to “pin this”!)

Never underestimate the power of a workout gang,  even if it is only 20 minutes long!  :)


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    Got the app! Love it. Did the workout! Loved it 😉 I had to substitute the kettlebell swings for bicep curls since I still need a kettlebell, but I was feeling the burn in my quads! Thanks Lisa…you rock!

    Jamie :)

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    I love using Apps for exercise, especially ones with a timer and pace maker element, that lets you know how long you’ve been running, either by distance or time. Add in some info on route and maps and you are sorted. This looks great for intense circuits – defo going to give it a go.
    Sofia Lewis´s last blog post ..Best Workout Videos –