Reset button

Sometimes, my iphone gets all screwed up and I have to hit the reset button to get it back on track.  I always FEAR hitting that button for some reason,  as if the world might end should something go wrong and all my contacts get wiped out.   (I can barely type that without cringing! When did my life get so crazy that an iPhone holds the key to my happiness??) 

Anyway,  that is where I am with this blog.   I felt that my intentions with blogging had strayed far from the mark of my original purpose and I needed to hit that reset button.   I am never going to be a professional blogger, and that is OK.   I got carried away with comparing myself to others and trying to keep up with all the other fitness bloggers that were clearly HITTING IT BIG!   Instead of enjoying what I had,  I was longing for what everyone else had.   Somewhere along the way, I got lost and pretty much forgot how to blog for me.   On my own blog.   So yea…..let’s hit that reset button and try again, shall we?   :)

I am a real person….with real life issues.  I have a bunch of (needy) little kids who often drive me crazy,  but I still love them dearly.   I cherish my time to workout WITHOUT them,  but sometimes I have to do what I can while shuffling kids and changing diapers.   That’s my life.  It’s not glamourous,  but it’s real.

Right now I am still working toward that pull up (arggghh!) and I’ve cut back on the distance running.   I’ve decided that 2013 is going to be the year of STRENGTH for me,  both literally and figuratively.   I’m working on ME and I have big plans for myself.  :)
Thank you for reading and following me on this journey.


Anyone else have to set their reset button lately? 


  1. Jamie :) says

    Yay, so happy to see you blogging Lisa!! I hit the reset button ALL the time, hahahaha 😉 and anytime you need a workout buddy…I’m here!!

    Jamie :)

  2. says

    Great post!! So hard to not compare ourselves to others sometimes. I try to be the best “me”, but that can be difficult! Good luck with those big plans :).

  3. Jenn - Girl Heroes says

    I caught this on Facebook and I’m so glad I did. I can relate SO much. I have to reset regularly too. Glad to see you back! You’ll always be one of my FAV internet peeps!

  4. Delora says

    Welcome back! I’m glad I never got around to cleaning out my RSS subscriptions :) Hope you can find a way to get what you need (both from your blog space, and from your workouts).

  5. says

    It can be hard not to compare sometimes…

    I stopped blogging for a while but then realized why I had started my blog – to make my life better by focusing on being as healthy as possible. I got back to blogging for myself after a very stressful period in my life, and it really helps me to keep focused on what’s best for me.

    Have fun making this blog what it needs to be for you! :)

  6. says

    Well said Lisa! That’s what I love about your blog – YOU! You being you, you being different, you not being afraid to write what you’re really thinking and feeling and going through. That’s what’s the most inspiring as well – how YOu fit it all in while juggling the real demands of motherhood. Welcome back my friend! I will always ne here whether you choose to post 3 times a week or once a month. Have a great day!
    Janice – Fitness Cheerleader´s last blog post ..Motivation Monday: Meeting Tosca Reno

  7. SylB says

    We’ve missed you! I am sure you can see that your feelings are not unusual. I too am with you. I have reassessed my goals and direction. So far, so good! I am almost ready to start blogging again, but have to change the name… “The Ramblings of an Ordinary Woman” to “The Ramblings of a Not So Ordinary Woman” to go with my new attitude.

  8. says

    Yay! I am glad you made your way back to the land of blogging… after a good reset to do YOU and be true to YOU! That is why so many (myself included) love this site. We are moms… who love reading how you fit in fitness… and YOUR journey!

    It is so hard as a blogger to NOT compare our selves to the other big name bloggers. I get that. Be true to you (I am still learning this lesson) and blogging/journal/chronicling our journey is a good thing. :)

    rachel @runningrachel´s last blog post ..Glow Crazy with Doodle Dome

  9. Kim R says

    I’m doing the same thing this year. I’m cutting back on the distance running and focusing on getting strong. I’m switching from once to twice a week kettlebell to 3 to 4 times a week full kettlebell workouts (not just a short one after my run).

    And as for your blog, be you. That’s what is unique. :)