I’m a LIAR!!

Guess what I am usually doing when I am typing up inspiring fitness posts?  I am OFTEN shoving crap food down my throat and thus completely defeating the entire point of this blog.  (sigh)

Yes, I am a fraud.  :(

After reading Jen’s “honesty” post,  I realized that I needed that big ole SMACK in the face.

I’m not being honest with myself.   How can I continue to eat garbage food and still expect to lose the lingering baby weight?!
I can’t.

I need to own up once and for all and MAKE CHANGES!

So the next time I go to reach for some junk food…..or I decide to slack during a workout…..I’m going to stay OUT LOUD  (no matter where I am!)  —


(Yes, I’m going to channel my inner-Dorothy.   Go read her stuff….she is AWESOME!)

and that my friends, is how I am going to reach my goal.

Onward……one step at a time……

Thank YOU for reading!


  1. says

    Hey! I didn’t even know you linked to me. (I never check stats and that stuff anymore) I was just stopping by to catch up. I wrote that last post for myself. I haven’t been honest with myself. Not only can I see it but I can FEEL it and I don’t like it. I asked my sister today if she would be an accountability partner so I’m hoping that will help. Anyway I can’t wait to see you (I say that all the time bc I mean it) and meet your family.
    Jenn´s last blog post ..How to be Honest with Yourself

  2. Amy Guild says

    I 100% agree with you. I know you are lying as what I’m doing. Everybody know you are not genuine because I never find genuine people in my life. Italy Wine Tours

  3. Ginny says

    Good luck on that! But I know you can do it. Being able to call yourself a liar knowing a lot of people read your blog is a big thing. You must be really determined to do what you want to do!
    Ginny´s last blog post ..child support lawyer