Why I love (and hate!) my personal trainer

I’ve hired a few personal trainers,  some good….some pretty awful.

The one I have right now?

Here are 5 reasons why I love to hate her::)

  1. She LISTENS to my goals. I cannot tell you how many times I have told a trainer that I had no real interest in doing cardio and then found myself doing just that for most of the hour.   Yes, it’s super easy (as a trainer) to drop someone at the treadmill and come back in 30 minutes.   That however is not what I am paying for!
  2. She won’t let me slack. Even though I am a trainer myself and know all the tricks  (shoe tying, extra drinks of water, etc.)  —she is right there encouraging me to keep on whining going.
  3. She has a PLAN in place. This is KEY.  Too many trainers just “dial it in” and come up with something on the fly.  If you have a specific goal, make sure your trainer is helping you get there with a solid training program.
  4. Feeling successful. There are exercise that I just plain SUCK at  (ahem….these) so my self esteem takes a huge hit each time I attempt them.   It’s nice to have an exercise or 2 built in that makes me feel like a rock star.
  5. She is flexible. As a mom herself, she gets that I get very little sleep or that I might have an “off” morning.   She can empathize with my situation.

and yet why do I say I hate her at the same time?
Because two times a week,  I get my butt handed to me in the form of a challenging (yet awesome!) workout! :)
As I have said before,  even though I am still a personal trainer,  I have found that hiring one for myself is worth every penny.  There are mornings where I have a zillion things to get done and I would very easily skip my workout if I didn’t have my training time scheduled.

We set appointments for hair, dentist, nails,  etc.   —so why not set an appointment for your health and fitness!?


  1. says

    Oh i loved my personal trainer for the same reasons….plus she was the only one I wouldn’t pull any punches with! I miss her since we have moved!!

  2. says

    Absolutely! If we don’t block out time for ourselves, time that we are COMMITTED to, that we won’t yield on for anything, then our lives will get hijacked by everything else. Congrats, sounds like you have the right idea and the right trainer.

    For the record, every trainer I know has a trainer. I do.