Healthy Smoothies that are tasty too

***Amanda is guest posting today to tell us about smoothies.****

When it comes to those hot summer days, which will be upon us shortly, many of us want nothing more than a cold beverage or frosty dessert to cool us off and compliment the day. Ice cream is synonymous with summer, and a go to snack for just about everyone. However, ice cream is loaded with fat and calories making it a fairly unhealthy snack for those watching their diets.

For a better way to cool down and enjoy dessert on a warm summer day, consider a fruit smoothie instead. Numerous banana smoothie recipes can be found online, and many can even be meal supplements or great workout recovery drinks. One of my favorite smoothies, is the Banana Berry Smoothie, and whipping this smoothie up is no sweat at all:


2 whole bananas

2 cups of ice

1 cup of skim or low fat milk

1 ½ cups of frozen mixed berries (preferably a mix of blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries)

A couple of whole frozen strawberries

Place all ingredients in a blender, with the ice being the last ingredient you add. To create a creamier smoothie consider freezing your bananas too. To do this, you will need to peel your ripe bananas, and then freeze them overnight.

Once all ingredients are in the blender, blend on high for 30 seconds or until your smoothie is thick and smooth. Milk or water may be added if needed to make the smoothie more shake like.

If you are interested in a more decadent smoothie, consider trying out a banana split smoothie or a Chunky monkey smoothie recipe. Both will give you that sweet tooth fix, and will still be far healthier than even light ice cream.


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    Smoothies are such a great idea, my mom spoils me and my husband with them when she comes to stay over. They are great at lunch, I skip the food and just have the smoothie. It helps keep me from gaining too much weight which tends to happen because I write and most of the time I am torturing the chair I sit at.
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    Add a small junk of frozen spinach too, if its small, it won’t affect the taste (too much :), add chia seeds for protein (once they’ve soaked in the fridge), and an avocado is a great way to make it creamy :) Yum!