I want to be able to do pullups!

Meet my Door Gym.   It hangs in the entry way to my house so I CANNOT ignore it.   My goal this spring is to do at least ONE unassisted pullup.

How am I going to get there?   By attempting to do one (or more)  every single day.   (and some specific strength training)

It’s really hard to ignore a goal when it stares you in the face all day long.

It also makes for great fun for my kids!  (and yes, I’m a little jealous of their six packs and strength!)

How about you gang?
What goal do you have and how are you going to get there?


  1. says

    curious. can you still close your door? If so I am so wanting one if those. My treadmill is waiting for repair, but we have that in our entranceway. makes it hard to ignore.

    • workoutmommyworkoutmommy says

      @L.A.C.E.: no, the door doesn’t close all the way but it’s super easy to put up and take down. (I can do it with one hand while holding a baby!) :) It doesn’t leave any marks on the wall either.

  2. Sarah says

    ME too! It is pretty much my new years resolution. every single year. i think if my butt were 20 pounds lighter i could do it. Do your push ups too. When i could do 4 pullups in college, I think it was from doing a lot of push ups.

    Or just get P90x and a couple different strength bands and get on there every day! i’ll be following and wishing you luck!

  3. Amy May says

    You probably already know this, but try doing some while resting your feet on a chair in front of you. That way a little of the weight is on your feet/legs. I can do about 8 that way and hope to someday actually do one unassisted too!

  4. says

    Didn’t have a pullup till I was 38. Pushups {chest to deck}, Handstand pushups, 1 arm snatches, strict shoulder presses will all contribute to you getting a pullup. Now, my goal is still and has been for a long time to get a muscle up!
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  5. says

    No kidding, me too. I want to do pull-ups. I was doing P90X for a minute and it really irked me how lame my chair-assisted pull-ups were.

  6. says

    Actually, these little things that stare you in the face every day make a big difference. I use to have a pull up bar in my old house, that was installed in the house by the owner before me, situated on a doorway. So every day I would do some, not so much out of routine, but just because I saw it every day. Was really great. Had all but forgotten about it before reading this post. Good luck with getting your pullup in. You’ll be able to do it.
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  7. says

    I love this. I have always wanted to be able to do pull ups. So hard to do it. I think I want this to be my new goal :( crazy and scary but I really want to do it.

  8. says

    pushups are difficult for me as well. Doing back exercises will help and, like you say, doing at least one or two will help and then increase the number you try to do as it gets easier to just the one or two you started out with. For me I want to get a stronger upper body and be able to run faster. I do chest exercises and exercises that workout supporting muscles for bench presses (shoulder and triceps exercises). I practice interval training runs on the treadmill and do leg workouts to help me accomplish my goals
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