Lunchbox Love (review and giveaway)

When I was little, my mom would sometimes write a little note on the napkin in my lunchbox.  I still remember how special I felt when I found her note.    It literally made my day and now some 25 30  (ack!)  years later,  that memory is still etched in my mind.

When I was asked to review Lunchbox Love, I immediately said yes because it is such an awesome way to let your kids know you are thinking about them during the day!  Lunchbox Love for Kids are sets of small cards that parents put in their kids’ lunches or backpacks.   On one side of the card is a message such as “have an amazing day!”  and on the other side is a fun trivia fact for kids.

My boys really loved getting their love notes each day.  Since my kids get the school lunch, I put notes on their place mats at breakfast or I hid them in the pocket of the pants they were wearing for the day.   They aren’t strong readers yet, so it was fun for us all to read them together.  My middle son keeps his saved in his wallet. :)

Don’t have kids?  You can also choose lunchbox love notes for everyone!

It’s all about making someone else feel special and these notes are perfect!

I have an extra set of Lunchbox Love notes that I would love to giveaway to a lucky reader.  Just leave me a comment below telling me about a lunchtime memory from your childhood and you will be entered to win.   Contest is open to US addresses only and a winner will be chosen at random at 9pm on Sunday, February 19, 2012.

Be sure to check out more about Lunchbox Love notes over on Say Please.   You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter!

Thanks for reading gang!

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  1. Ashley Marie says

    When I was little my mom always packed my lunch. I had to wait in the very small cold lunch line outside and missed eating all that great cafeteria food. I felt like the odd one out. Now that I have a daughter and make her lunch, lunchbox love notes included, I get to appreciate the time and effort my mom put into making mine for me. Plus, Im pretty sure my moms homemade lunch is wayyy better than those ‘chicken nuggets’.

    • workoutmommyworkoutmommy says

      @Ashley Marie: I used to feel the same way, I never understood why my mom “made” me bring my lunch! Now, I get it. :) I wish I had saved those notes she gave me!

  2. Melissa Halsdorf says

    My mom always packed my lunch also – no fancy lunch boxes for us, we brown bagged it, but my mom always drew a smiley face or some cute picture on the outside of my bag, so it would be special! I adore the Did You Know cards, my daughter has memorized all of her trivia and keeps a list of it on the computer!

  3. Stephanie says

    I was a picky eater and always brought my lunch. One day I finally decided to buy lunch because they were having corny dogs. I was SO excited! As I went to bite into my yummy lunch, I was greeted with a half frozen, cold corny dog. Excitement quickly turned to disappointment, and I never bought lunch again.

  4. says

    I loved taking my lunch to school in my metal lunch boxes. I remember the thermoses were quite loud when you snapped down the spout and one day all the kids were snapping their spouts and the whole cafeteria got in trouble. Fun memories.

  5. Meg Jewett says

    My dad used to to pack my lunch in a brown paper bag. He’d use a Sharpie to write a poem on it all about the hideous and disgusting things he supposedly packed inside along with a drawing of the “maggoty-munchies” and “fermenting fruities”. One day there wasn’t a drawing Or poem and I was worried, until I opened the sack and found a folded up SIX FOOT long banner printed out inside. Same gross rhymes and hilarious sketches, but created on our computer and printed early in the morning before I woke up. Still makes me laugh to think about. :)

  6. Chantal Blanchard DeMattia says

    Lunches on my birthday were so special! While my lunch was usually packed by me, on my birthday, my mom would pack a special lunch that included individual packs of cookies (that we never bought) along with other individually packaged goodies. I loved those lunches. I also remember when i was in Kindergarten when my dad would pick me up from school. He was in the military and would often be gone for a few weeks at a time. I would normally go to after school care, but every once in a while, he would pick me up from school, and sometimes he would take me to McDonalds. I loved those times with him!

  7. Meghan M says

    Well, I didn’t brown bag it to school growing up and I’m not really sure why! So I am a little jealous of you all. My daughter is almost 4, so in a little while she will be heading off to kindergarten. And around here kindergarten is 2 full days and 1 half day, so I get to pack her lunch! I definitely plan on putting cute notes in there for her.

  8. Melinda says

    I love this idea. I loved lunch because I have a twin and always had lunch with her until we were at least in the 3rd grade, then they split us up into 2 classes. My daughter loves to write me notes now and get notes from me.

  9. Melissa F. says

    I don’t remember too many notes my preschool was my hous, my mom was my teacher.>>> so no noteom me and my girls …! but til now middle school year for my oldest I LOVE NOTES!! last one on Valentine from me and his sisters…. he tells everybody we are his girlfriends… Latinas!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahhahhaha