5 ways to workout with your kids

We know you like to workout, but how about your kids?   Here are some ways to encourage them to get up and moving too!

  1. Invite them on a run (or walk) with you.  Even if it’s just letting them out of the stroller for a block or two, it will improve their mood and involve them in your workout!
  2. Have a deck of cards?  Kids can play along with this workout as well.   Do it as a family!
  3. Push ups and yoga!  My kids always want to get down on the ground with me and show me THEIR form.   Such a great opportunity to be fit as a family.
  4. Dance Party! Gets my kids every single time.   (just please don’t film us!) 😉
  5. Circuit stations:  I set up various circuits for myself  (kettlebells, TRX, jump rope)  and then I make some for them  (push ups, jumping jacks, jump rope).   We all move from station to station together.  They LOVE this!

Make fitness FUN and everyone will want to join in!

How about you gang? How do you get your kids involved in fitness?


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    My son always copies me when I do yoga – now he pulls out the mat himself and comes up with his own moves. I think its good that he knows the word “exercise” and sees both mom and dad doing it on a regular basis – in all different varieties. I love your ideas! Last night we had a nerf gun war and I’m pretty sure that burned a decent amount of calories too 😉
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    I love these! Kat from Inspired to Action just wrote a great article with the same title – and your lists are completely different. :) I usually exercise after my baby falls asleep, but that means my 4-year-old is awake. I try to include her in the exercise when I can, but she is reluctant. All of these ideas will be great to entice her to join me.
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    I love the card workout idea. I’m always looking for ways to workout with my son. I run stroller based fitness classes which are a great way to do just that, but it’s nice to get ideas on how to get him involved at home. Thanks for sharing!

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    My husband and I have discovered that when we work out together, all the kids end up in the basement with us trying it themselves. So we’ve committed to making our workouts joint at least 4 d a week. The boys are always moving but now they are starting to ask to “work out!”

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    Thanks for the great ideas! We just started an “exercise club” with a few different families. We are meeting once a week to participate in a different sport each time. It has been so much fun getting everyone included! Stopping by from BCC.
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