Is it harder to lose weight as you get older?

In my opinion and personal experience, absolutely!

I was overweight in my 20s and while it was tough to do, I managed to take the weight off with a lot (too much?) exercise and watching my diet.

Now,  four kids and many years later,  I find myself in the same oversized boat again.   This time however I am unable to exercise those pounds away.  I’ve been running, working out, and watching my diet but those extra pounds sitting on my rear end right now don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Long story short….I haven’t lost a SINGLE pound since coming home from the hospital with baby #4.
I am beyond frustrated.
Losing weight after age 30 (almost 40)  just plain sucks.

So what can I do?
I’ve started reading The Primal Blueprint and have decided to give that a whirl.   It makes a lot of scientific sense and I love reading all the success stories on Mark’s website.

The downside for me is that not only do I LOVE bread but I don’t really like meat at all.
Oh this should be so much fun! :(

Now your turn gang, have you found that it’s harder (or maybe easier?) to lose weight as you have gotten older?   Tell me your secrets, ideas, thoughts or just overall “I hear ya!” in the comments below.

I’m off to stare longingly at a loaf of bread…….


  1. says

    Well, Im still in my late 20’s and only have 1 child. So, my story still has time to develop :) At least this time around, loosing weight was easy. We’ll see with the next one though… I’m like you, I just don’t care for meat. So a diet based on it is tough for me. I do a mainly raw/vegan diet of fruits and veggies using nuts and beans as my protein. VERY low processed food, so almost no breads/past. I find this has been beneficial in loosing the baby weight and also milk production. I have SO many friends who suffered from loosing their milk early when nursing. I’m like a friggin cow. I don’t know how much of that is just genetic … Also, for working out, I SWEAR by doing Insanity to loose the weight, SWEAR by it!!! The pounds just fell off the second I started it. If you haven’t tried that, look into it, I LOVE it!
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    • workoutmommyworkoutmommy says

      @Julia: I love your blog name because when I was skinny I used to tell people who complimented me that I was just a fat person trapped in a skinny body, lol! (oh how that now makes me sad!) Anyway, I will check out Insanity and now I’m really craving some Pumpkin Mac N Cheese too. I wonder why? 😉

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    I can’t say for sure because I didn’t start working out or trying to lose weight until after I had my first child. When I came home from the hospital I was only 5lbs above my ideal weight (120) but 2 months later I had packed on almost 30lbs and was MISERABLE! I too swear by Beachbody programs but mainly Insanity. If you do Insanity and you stick like glue to their diet plan (I’m doing it now!) you will lose weight. I lost around 18lbs in 60 days when I did Insanity and stuck to the diet. I love meat but mainly I love CARBS! I could do without meat if I could eat endless bread! Lol! But for me, the weight comes off when I stay away from processed foods and processed sugars. If I eat “clean” and work out the weight comes off, slowly but surely!

    • workoutmommyworkoutmommy says

      @Alaythea: another vote for Insanity! and yes….endless bread! (yum) I am learning that the older I get, the more I really need to focus on a very clean diet. (darn!)

  3. Anna says

    Well since “going primal” I have lost all the weight from having a baby one year ago and I am now smaller than I was before having my first child. Also- I’m 40. I can’t believe the difference that eating grains makes, not just in my weight and how I look, but how I feel! I was a vegetarian for 25 years, so eating meat has been a transition, and I still don’t eat red meat. It’s really not as hard as you think, and so worth it. Check out Mark Sisson’s wife, she only eats fish and is primal. She has some q&a pages on his website. Good luck!

    • workoutmommyworkoutmommy says

      @Anna: you have given me hope, thank you! :) How do you get over that hump? I honestly want to stick my head in a bag of cookies and just INHALE!!

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    Yes, losing weight is a LOT harder now. I had my last child in my late 30s, and losing the weight was totally different than 15 years earlier! It took me a long time, and I was quite frustrated for a long time. In fact, I didn’t lose the last of the baby weight until the “baby” was well over a year old. When I did lose the weight (and actually some more and ended up lower than my pre-pregnancy weight), I did a lot of strength training and a lot of HIIT. I also fine-tuned my diet. I didn’t follow any specific diet, but I did watch my carb intake and focused on veggies and protein.

    Good luck, and be patient with your body. It will respond. It may just take a bit more time…. Hugs.

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    I was in that spot, too. Exercising and dieting and maybe two pounds came off in two months. My ND tested my adrenal functions and they were all out of whack, so I started taking a natural supplement and now my metabolism is working properly and the weight is coming off. Just a thought, you may want to get your thyroid and adrenals checked out.

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    I played baseketball in college and could eat whatever I wanted and not gain. After baby #1, I breastfed and I lost it fast. Being prego with #2 started the weight gain “issue” and I gain WAY too much with that pregnancy. I lost a little afterwards but just now at 17 month after delivery am I just 10 lbs. away from pre-baby #1 weight. I didn’t breastfeed as long and I think that attributed to it. But, my focus has been making sure my boys (22 months a part) are taken care of and I forget about me. Working out at the crack of dawn before they wake up is the ONLY way I can get my exercise in. And, the lose it app. helps me too (even if I only follow a few days a week. It’s not fun thinking about weight all the time, but I do. Gotta love hormones and being a woman!

  7. says

    YES. It has been really hard. I’ve been working out 36 days and have lost 10 lbs but fluctuate up and down 5 lbs of the ten. I am reading the primal blueprint too and will start after Halloween. That darn sugar and 2 of my kid’s birthdays have me celebrating with sugar. On the bright side, i feel really strong and notice a lot more tone.

    Wishing you fat loss. Your efforts with four boys is commendable and I am sure you will get results soon.

  8. says

    Yes, it is! I just turned 36, and I very much recognize how much harder it is to lose weight now than 10 years ago! Today, though, I pulled out an exercise dvd and did it this morning; even while my kiddos were around. Good for them to see Mama exercise…
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  9. Anna says

    There are always going to be days when you want to cheat, but I think the key is being prepared. I love how the primal diet does not require you to give up coffee, red wine, or even the occasional dark chocolate. My husband is on board and I cannot keep up with all the vegetables we are eating! Get over the hump by making sure you have plenty of food in your house that you can eat. Really what I miss the most is cereal….
    I am still breastfeeding, but am trying to wean. I’m very curious what my body will do. That’s what I notice the most about getting older/having babies, my body will never be the same. I just want to be fit and feel good. Primal diet and crossfit work for me.

  10. says

    I hear you! But I have had serious inches lost doing Crossfit. Paleo is a great way to go but I’m not completely Paleo either, like you I love bread. However, my trainer says if you can keep your carbs at 100g per day then that will help too. I haven’t been able to achieve that on a daily basis but some days I can. lol – Oh and running has helped. I tend to retain a ton of water. When I spend time running the water weight comes off. It’s a constant battle.
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    Well since I’m quickly approaching 44 (yes FORTY FOUR!) and my youngest is 15 yrs old…I can say that it did get harder to lose weight as I got older… my story is at but I stupidly intentionally gained 80+ pounds, and when in younger years I could easily lose weight by working out more, running more that’s not the case now that I’m approaching mid 40! I run, I lift, I do yoga, I’m vegetarian (so primal wont work for me I dont think since I believe it requires meat?) but yet I’m still fighting the last 20 pounds…irritating! soooo, time to get back into power lifting & cross fit and assume I’ll get rid of the last 20 annoying pounds when they’re ready to be gone! lol
    But, yes it does get harder….metabolism changes, body changes, etc. but it can be done and you will lose weight! :)
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  12. says

    I do think it’s a bit harder, but it can definitely be done! Try to look at your nutrition changes as a way of life, versus a diet. If you’re dieting (especially if it’s one that you already hate in your mind), it won’t work as well as making smaller changes that you know you can stick to.

    I always have my clients make one or two changes at once. After they have that covered, add in a few more changes. As I’m sure you know, slow and steady weight loss that lasts is much better than any type of crash (and usually burn) diet! :)

  13. says

    It is harder to loose the weight the older I get. The scale does not budge. My arms and legs are very well defined from working out, in fact more so than they have been since I had my first baby over 11 years ago. But my stomach….. Ya that’s another story. Dr Oz had a program a few weeks ago about getting rid of belly fat, and I want to try it…. Just haven’t yet. You can eat bread on it! Just saying! Lol!!! Good luck!

  14. Celeste says

    Not only do I think it’s age related but losing weight is just plain hard!!! It takes so much longer to lose it than it did to gain it. I never had a weight problem til my late 20’s after having kids. Two kids now and the “baby” is 9 and i still have baby weight AND extra!!! It sucks trying to lose it b/c I enjoy food – i wake up thinking about what i’m going to eat for the day!! I swear by my boot camp b/c even if the weight is not flying off I’m getting stronger and now at 38 having the confidence and feeling stronger is more important to me than going back to certain sizes. Don’t get me wrong I would sell a child (just kidding) to get back to my pre-baby size but if I don’t I’m ok with that as long as I am working out and eating right and living a healthy lifestyle I’m ok with that. I could probably swing a primal diet b/c i love meat but that whole no bread thing might kill me. I’m very interested in giving Raw foods a try but just haven’t made that leap :)

  15. says

    I have heard that the 80/20 rule applies to diet/exercise as we age. Unfortunately it’s 80% what you eat, and only roughly 20% working out. Sucks, but… that’s how the cookie crumbles and ends up on our hips. 😉 I don’t think any one diet is the answer — the one that works for someone is the one that they can stick to as a permanent change. You can go low fat, but then you have to not cheat. You can go low carb, but then you have to not cheat! Boo, huh?
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  16. Jayme Mau says

    I swear your post this morning was reading my mind. I have lost in the past approximately 100lbs while in my late 20’s. I had gained about 50-60 back with my son about 3 years ago and while struggling to get it off I have tried about EVERYTHING! I am now 36 and I cannot lose weight in the same manner or methods that I could in my 20’s. I physically can do more cardio, eat smaller portions but still not see the same results. I was talking to friends in the same age group and we all feel that our hormones or age had to be a factor. I know that if I could have a magic pill to lose weight in the same manner I did 10 years ago I would take it in a minute. I am curious about Primal Blueprint and have read it several times. I will check more out about it-thanks for the link!

  17. says

    I do think it’s harder every year you get older, not just 20s v. 30s. For me, I’ve lost weight in my 20s and it was hard. Gained the weight back, lost some, had a baby at 30. Now at 34 what I’m finding is not only that it is a bit tougher to lose weight, but I carry it differently. Older and post-baby, I now carry a lot of weight in my mid section and thighs. I used to have an even distribution of weight. I’m going to check the library for Primal Blueprint, it seems interesting! (I’m also finding these comments interesting and taking lots of notes!)

  18. says

    At almost 60, I can confirm that the older one gets, the harder the weight is to lose. Part of it is hormonal, part is biologic. This past January, I started a drug that regularly puts 20-30# on people; at the same time, my hip gave out on me, meaning no walking or other form of cardio.

    Hello a winter 45# gain in less than a month.

    For me, my “base” is 1300 calories. Given that you should never go below 1200 calorie intake, obviously I must exercise to create any kind of deficit (and boy do I have to watch what I eat). I can do 45-60 minutes of cardio a day and burn some – but when I lost the weight a few years ago I found the ONLY successful way for me to lose and keep it off was to weight train. Get hot and sweaty pushing the iron and let the EPOC add to my time under the bar.

    But I’m starting a paleo diet – with my nutritionist saying this is the perfect diet for my body type. Lucky, I do not really like grains and allergic to cow’s milk, so the restrictions of paleo play right into my personal tastes.

    Wishing you luck.
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      • deb says


        So far the paleo thing is working well. I’m down 8# since my surgery (10/5) when I normally lose about 3/4# a week doing 45 minutes of cardio 6x a week.

        It helps that I don’t really like grains – so the diet is pretty close to what I choose to eat – except WOW the veggies!!

        And, yep, although I feel about 35, I will be hitting the big 6-0 before we see each other at FitBloggin next fall.

  19. Shiela says

    I used to be a little chubby when I was in high school and just lose much weight after college. I have been gaining weight again when I was pregnant on my first child at 34. I weighed 72 kilos until I gave birth. Now, I find it difficult to lose weight and it makes me feel depressed.

    According to some research women at 30’s has a slow metabolism that is why we gain weight fast but burn a little. Although I’m still positive we can fight this with proper diet and exercise.


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