Are you formerly hot?

I went to a wedding this past weekend and when I passed by a mirror on the wall I looked at my reflection and thought “I look so old and tired!”

There were tons of young female guests that were full of energy and life and YOUTH.  (loud sigh)

My kids have aged me,  a lot.  Someday I will sleep again?  Or maybe not?

Anyway,  I’ve started reading My Formerly Hot Life: Dispatches from Just the Other Side of Young by Stephanie Dolgoff and it’s a hilarious read for those of us who aren’t feeling very hot anymore.

This book will be released on 8/17 but I’m excited to announce that I have a copy to giveaway to a lucky reader!  Just leave a comment below telling me how you are keeping yourself YOUNG!

Winner will be chosen at random on 8/20/10 at 9pm EST.   Open to US addresses only.

Here is a video clip from the author.  (and for the record, I would totally buy an ass-bra too!)


  1. I’m trying to keep myself young by doing microdermabrasion treatments! (I received the kit in exchange for a review and it was sooo worth it!)
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  2. lol. Very funny. Us dads can relate although it’s a different trajectory slightly.

    Phase 1 – Fit Guy, competing hard, looking good

    Phase 2 – Let it all go, pack on the pounds. Wife is now way faster, and still hot.

    Phase 3 – Mid Life crisis, try desperately to become a PFG (previously fat guy)

    Phase 4 – I’m not sure what’s coming.

  3. I’m just sticking with denial, a girdle when I wear a dress, and Retin-A.

  4. I love reading and I love free stuff. This book looks like a fun read. I am relatively young but still feel so old a lot of the time. I definitely don’t have the energy and spunk I did 10 years ago!

  5. Very funny! Nice to know I’m not the only one, lol!

  6. Just keep exercising, eating right, and using sunscreen! Thats all that you can do.

  7. Well, I did Couch to 5K, ran a few 5K’s, then decided that I could eat more, gained some more weight, stopped running so regularly & now I’m beginning to eat Paleo/Primal in an attempt to STOP GAINING EVEN MORE WEIGHT!

    BUT, I like to have tea parties & do art with my daughter & wrestle & listen to music with my son, so that’s what keeps me feeling young-ish.
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  8. Christina Froehlich says:

    Play as much as possible and DON’T look in the mirror! ?

  9. I stay young by taking Dance classes. I am currently taking Salsa and Ballet–they are both great workouts and keep my mind AND body in shape. Next in the agenda is Belly Dancing!

  10. I am keeping myself young by not thinking or acting OLD!
    Staying active, doing fun things, enjoying life to the fullest!
    Those aren’t wrinkles … those are smile lines! Keep smiling!

  11. Hmmm, I try to go on ‘dates’ still and get dressed even if I have no where to go and put on a bit of make-up to make myself feel pretty. I know I’m only 29 (yes, it’s no here yet…I can still say I’m 29 😉 but I feel much older some days when these girls have run me ragged and my body aches, tee hee. When I am in the habit of working out on a regular basis, I always feel good about myself too (now why don’t I get back in that habit again, ugh?)

    Jamie :)
    p.s. that book looks great, you’ll have to let me borrow it when your done, if I don’t get lucky enough to win :)
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  12. I stay feeling young by taking really good care of my skin. Good skin always equals youth to me – I got a Clarisonic and I swear by it.

  13. My kids are older (teens) so I can sleep more but what keeps me young is listening to their music (even better if I listen while running on the TM), drinking lots of water (and a little wine), and hanging out with friends who don’t believe in getting old!

  14. I “try” to stay young by waxing my eyebrows and shaving my legs. LOL. If I can THAT accomplished. I’m good!

  15. My son keeps me FEELING young…but looking young? I don’t know. I don’t have time to get my grays colored. I feel wrinklier by the day… I just remind myself that my son doesn’t care!!
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  16. I keep young by working with preschoolers, and asking them every few weeks how old they think I am. I must be ancient, because they say that I have to be 16-18. It’s awesome!

  17. I stay young my living through my kids. I love to play on the playground, dress up for Halloween, play dress-up and Rockband etc. I may not look young but I play young!
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  18. I’m Canadian, so don’t count me in on the giveaway, but I’m totally going to check out that book! Sounds hilarious :)

    I wear sunscreen and have been doing so for 15 years. People regularly guess that I’m 7 or 8 years younger than I am, and I’m sure that’s why. Oh yeah, and I eat healthfully and exercise regularly.
    Joanne @ MostlyFitMom´s last blog post ..Long Run Today

  19. I started wearing sunscreen daily and drink so much water I feel like I am drowning most days. That, and I get on the ground and play with my son, make up stories, be goofy, smile and laugh… while the dishes wait and the laundry goes undone. Makes me feel like I am in college again! Minus the no sleep and no time for much….

  20. I’ve never been hot. I managed “cute” in high school; that was about the peak of my hotness. Now in my mid-40s I just strive to look better than I did in my teens and better than the average middle-aged mom. I’m actually succeeding, thanks to a lot of intense cardio work (cycle class, hill runs, 1-mile swims) and weight training. The latter has sculpted my physique in a way I never imagined possible when I was 18. If I could shed my wrinkles, that would be icing on the cake, but I think I’m stuck with them! So I recently started taking a belly dancing class. Maybe if I mesmerize my hubby with the hip moves, he won’t notice my aging skin?

  21. Mommy Momi says:

    Bellydance and SLEEP!!!!

  22. Laughter keeps me young. A phrase like “ass-bra” will keep me giggling for days! Using “ass-bra” in a sentence will be my fountain of youth!

  23. I’m not doing very well at keeping myself young – sleeping more and exercising more would be a good step!

  24. Young is definitely a *relative* word. We are truly only as young as we think we are…no matter our age.

    My husband says I look better at 43 than I did when he met me at 18! I am youthfully mature, full of tone (due to free weights!), and sooo healthy because of the supplements I take from

    I truly am a healthier, happier, young mom of 5!

    Maybe even HOT!

  25. Would love to read it! Not sure I was ever in the hot category, though!

  26. i exercise, have a at least once a month pampering day (facial, massage or haircut), drink lots of water and avoid junk food. :)

  27. I started off working out more…. then eating better… then plastic surgery. I started getting facials. Apparently at 35, your skin decided to go downhill and stops rejuvenating at break neck speed… hence why you could walk out the door w/o makeup in your 20’s… now you have to put make up on just not to look haggard!! I also learned a mascara trick this weekend that I’m super excited about that makes me not look so withdrawn in my eyes. Oh and moisturize… and sunscreen…. and floss my teeth more! The list goes on…
    Lynn Weddle´s last blog post ..Eight Miles and new session of FitChix!!

  28. I am “trying” to stay young by being active and getting plenty of rest!

  29. Jennifer McCullar says:

    that is so true… you will never sleep again!