Got Crepitus?

I had a client that would refuse to do lunges or squats because her knees make a crackling noise as she was doing them. She assured me there was absolutely no pain involved, she simply did not like the sound that they made. (It reminded me of a bowl of Rice Krispies cereal!)

She told me that her knees also made this sound when she got up off the couch or out of her chair—again things she didn’t like to do—which is how she ended up with me!


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After having her check the situation out with her doctor, she was given the all clear to do squats and lunges.

Note: a good trainer will make you check out any issues with your physician. Personal trainers are not doctors, do not let one try to diagnose you under any circumstances!

That being said, she did the lunges and squats, noises and all. And you know what? She got stronger. She sweated through every lunge I had her do, swearing my name the whole time. And they delivered results. Her body composition changed and you could see the muscle definition in her legs. Pretty soon, she no longer noticed the sounds from her knees because she was too busy focusing on the weight she was squatting. She ended up loving those squats and if she is reading this today, I hope she is still doing them!

So what does Crepitus have to do with this? That is the medical term describing the cracking and popping sounds that your knees make. It is usually caused when the rough surfaces of your knee joints come into contact with each other. It comes without pain and is sometimes a precursor to osteoarthritis of the knee. It is not a reason to skip out on doing lunges or squats!

So if you are having knee issues, please have them checked out.

And don’t let a little Crepitus keep you from being active today.
Absolutely no excuses gang!

How many squats and lunges are YOU going to do today?

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***this post was originally posted in January 2008


  1. cheryl fenton says:

    after years of rollerblading and working out, my knees make such loud noises when i walk up the stairs, i actually woke up my daughter when I was carrying her upstairs once. that’s just crazy!

  2. hmmmm. five.

  3. Well now I ahve a name to what I hear to ask about at the docs office! =)
    .-= Trish @IamSucceeding´s last blog ..Yep…It Has To Change =-.

  4. Oh my gosh, I HAVE THIS!!! I’ve had it since I was a teenager too. Although, I’ve always done squats. Not lunges because they do hurt my knees. Glad to know that I have some arthritis in my future..not.

  5. Up the stairs we go with Snap Crackle and Pop. Been worse the last year or so.
    .-= Lynn´s last blog ..Darn Vietnamese Food =-.

  6. Thank you for sharing this info. My knees do crack and I wondered what that was from. Good to know I still need to do lunges. Thanks -good to know!

  7. Sometimes that crackling noise is just bubbles popping in the fluid that surrounds your joints. That is why it doesn’t hurt!
    .-= Deb´s last blog ..Improve Your Mood: Eat This! =-.

  8. Another great article! I’ve had lots of women with popping joints. Mostly in their hips. I also had them visit their doctors or physical therapists. I have always been told as long as pain is not involved a “vocal” joint lol is not a problem.

  9. You were the first person to introduce me to this term and I have since told dozens of people about it! It’s amazing how many of us have creaky knees!!


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