Results from the Chiropractor

I had surgery to correct my Hallux Rigidus eleven weeks ago; here is another update. (for previous updates, click here and here .)

Thank you for all the recommendations on what the next step should be with my foot. My doctor basically gave me no further direction, so I took it in my own hands and went to see a chiropractor.

Why a Chiropractor? Well, I have had several issues/injuries in my body and they are always 20080318190717on my right side. My gut instinct told me there must be something wrong with the way I am walking or running, so I wanted to go to someone who could assess my alignment and make recommendations. I know that I walk differently on my right foot now (more on the outside, so as to avoid the injured portion) and it’s only a matter of time before that starts to create problems elsewhere.

Just like in life, when you are out of balance on one part, the other parts have to pick up the slack and sometimes they cannot handle the new stress load.

I specifically chose someone who works with athletes. I did not want another doctor telling me that surgery and medication was my only answer! I can tell you that after only my FIRST visit with the Chiropractor, I was walking 25x better than before my visit. I was so ecstatic and really have a renewed sense of hope that I WILL be running again very soon.

Here are some highlights from my visits:

*Deep tissue massage of all the muscles of the foot, which are extremely tight. If your muscles are bunched up in a knot, they cannot work properly.   Many people think that massage is a luxury, but in reality it is necessary for someone who is active.   When was the last time you had a massage?

*HEAT. (OK, this is my favorite part of the appointment!) I get to lie on a table, wrapped in this cozy heat pack for ten full minutes. Not only is this warming up all my muscles, but it does wonders for my stressed out brain!

*Manipulation and adjustment: she did some major adjustments to my neck and back (ouch), places where my alignment was out of whack. She then performed ART (Active Release Techniques) on my foot which is a “state of the art soft tissue system/movement based massage technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves.” I plan to write a more detailed post about it later; it really is fantastic!

These actions have allowed me to fully move my toe back and forth, which up until this point I was unable to do. She was able to break up a lot of the scar tissue and I am so happy with the results so far!

She confirmed my belief the physical therapy is ESSENTIAL after surgery and that I will definitely benefit from orthotics to help correct my gait and hopefully prevent the bone spur from returning anytime in the next twenty years!

I know that some people don’t think Chiropractors are real doctors, but I am so happy with my treatment that I can (literally) jump up and down!

Have you had any experiences (good or bad) with a Chiropractor? I’d love to hear about them.

photo credit: Shane Vigil


  1. Sagan says

    Well my mums a vet chiropractor, so I’m pretty biased:) However, I know that some people DO practice chiropractic without the proper training, so it’s really important to do the research and make sure that the person you see has all the credentials. Sounds like you’ve found someone who’s legit though! Am so glad that it’s working for you.

  2. 'Lissa says

    I’m glad that the chiropractor is working for you. I know I couldn’t live without mine because my hips sit at an angle instead of being straight so I have a lot of back and hip pain. It’s amazing how much better you feel overall when you’re perfectly aligned!

    ‘Lissas last blog post..I LOVE Winter in Nebraska

  3. says

    Firm believer in a good chiropractor. I, too, have benefitted greatly, to the point that I wondered why I waited so long. Like you, chiropractic goes hand in hand with some good PT/strength work for whatever part of your body ails you, stretching and massage. They all work wonders together!!

    Kara from Mama Sweats last blog post..Unexpected Outcomes, Part II

  4. says

    Congrats on getting some help with your foot, Lisa! I think chiropractors can do a lot of good and it sounds like you found a good one! A friend just gave me a recommendation for a chiro in my area for some problems I’ve been having and I think you just inspired me to actually do it!

    charlottes last blog post..Happy Holiday-ing!

  5. FatFighterTV says

    Yes, on the good experience with a chiropractor – you just have to find a good one. And I’ve also had ART done – I couldn’t believe how good my neck felt after I had it! I need to go back…

    FatFighterTVs last blog post..Holiday Lights wine charms winner!

  6. says

    My first visit to a Chiropractor turned out to be a very good decision for me! After extensive training I was 8 days away from the Marine Corps Marathon. I managed to make it through training without an injury. I jumped over the Bosu in the basement and landed wrong on my ankle. Iced it, when it hurt less I took the kids to the store. An hour later I could not walk. Ended up at the ER where the Dr. told me I would not be walking the next weekend, let alone running a marathon. I ran into a neighbor at pre-school drop off that Monday who recommended going to the Chiro. practice where she worked. Long story short- I ran the marathon the following Sunday pain free! I learned some great strategies for sprain recovery, and am forever indebted to my Chiro, Holly.

    Jennifers last blog post..He has been busy

  7. Adrienne S says

    I LOVE my chiropractor! He used the Webster Method to turn my third child from breach to head down and helps me monthly with two hirneated discs so I do not have to have surgery.

  8. says

    I’m glad the chiropractor was able to help you. I’ve been seeing various chiros for 10 years, some bad and some good. My current chiro is amazing.

    Thanks for mentioning how your chiro helped your feet. I have chronic toe pain from a blotched tendon-cutting procedure several years (grr!) and didn’t think to seek help from my chiro. A big “duh!” moment, lol.

  9. Jan from BetterSpines says

    Well, what can I say? So glad you have had good results. Your Chiropractor sounds like just the right person for you. Very brave to take the first step into the unknown. And you listened to your body, knowing it needed something else.
    Merry Christmas.

    Jan from BetterSpiness last blog post..Chiropractic influences DNA

  10. says

    Hi Lisa! I’m glad to hear that you had a great experience with your chiropractor. I haven’t personally gone to one but my hubby has and he says he always feels better after an appointment. I also have friends that go to a chiropractor regularly and swear by them. It looks like you are well on your way to recovery! YEA YEA YEA!!!

    On a side note… I gave you some link love on my latest post. If interested, you can check it out here… “6 Helpful Entrecard Dropping Tips”. Merry Christmas!

  11. Alyssa says

    SO glad you’re doing better!
    I went to chiro in college, after hurting my back. The doc I originally went to was basically useless (he barely looked up at me from his desk when I went for my appointment), so I found a chiro, who told me I’d actually sprained my back, and he helped me get it healthy again.

  12. Frannie says

    Lisa – I’m so glad to hear you visited the chiro and that it helped! I learned the same thing about the deep tissue massage when I got it after my race. It hurt like you know what, but I felt terrific afterwards. He explained to me the benefits and I will do it again while training for my next race. I hope this does the trick for you! I am a big believer in alternative medicines/therapies. Medicine certainly has its place, but there are some things we do not need medicine for, or doctors who think if something hurts there are no other options than medicine or drastic measures!

    Frannies last blog post..Green Christmas Craft

  13. says

    I’ve been seeing a chiro about my headaches. I certainly don’t feel worse, but I’m not pain-free either. I have mixed feelings about it. I’m not sure if what he does is actually helping, but it’s not hurting, so I’m sticking with it for now.

    PastaQueens last blog post..What it’s like to be…

  14. says

    I’ve always been slightly skeptical of chiropractors, but I’ve heard some pretty “miraculous” stories from friends too…so I don’t have a strong opinion either way. If I were in your situation, I would try to get as much feedback as you can from friends, family members, and especially previous patients…

    Stephanies last blog post..Merry Christmas

  15. says

    I had the same surgery you did and I was under the mistaken assumption that I did not need to do any rehabilitation work – I thought that the surgery was all I needed. Take it from me, though, you need to do the rehabilitative work for the surgery to fully be successful.