Staying Fit with the Wiggles

Warning: Do not read the rest of this post if you are not a Wiggles fan!

No time for fitness you say? Put on a The Wiggles – Getting Strong DVD and you are all set. Sam, Anthony, Murray and Jeff put together one amazing workout that will entertain the kids and leave you sweaty and exhausted.

I went to their live concert this week and was amazed at their level of fitness and overall energy! They jump up and down, do handstands, climb ropes, twist, polka, and run in circles the entire 90 minutes.

It was clear that Anthony is the fitness guru of this group. He showcased his strength by performing on the rings during “Do the Monkey”. For just a minute, I thought I was watching the Olympics instead of toddler entertainment. (I gave him a 10, of course.)

(and I now could relate to what this blogger was talking about.)

I know they get paid to do this, but they made me want to jump out of my chair and join them on stage. I think they should consider a fitness DVD for the parents. I would definitely buy it, how about you?

Get up and Wiggle gang! You’ll be getting fit and having fun at the same time!


  1. My kids haven’t watched the Wiggles in a long time. I always enjoyed them and will have to try to get my little ones back into them.

    TB-Milwaukees last blog post..I Don’t Want to Go

  2. I read anyway :)

    we YO GABBA GABBA up in herre but now Im gonna TiVo the wiggles….

    MizFits last blog post..A little bit o’link love.

  3. My kids and I used to dance all the time to the wiggles – they just make you move! But now we are all grown up and turn our circles to Laurie Berkner;)

    charlottes last blog post..A Big Chest Does Not Make You Fat

  4. I would and should buy the Wiggles fitness dvd for my kids. But Wiggles for me? I suppose I’ve done stranger workouts…

    Kara from Mama Sweats last blog post..More Chaos!

  5. Meh… I would definitely get a fitness DVD they made for kids though.

    Alices last blog post..

  6. Ok, I’ll check it out. I have a Fit Kids video that I like to do with them.

  7. The Wiggles have been part of our family since our 8 year old was 2!!! I love them, my husband on the other hand, does not!!! lol

    KFJs last blog post..’80’s Fix Wednesday

  8. workoutmommy workoutmommy says:

    Rachel, the dvd I reference isn’t really a workout per se, I just think their videos are so active that if you follow along you could get some good cardio. :)

  9. workoutmommy workoutmommy says:

    kara: there is nothing stranger than the Romp-omp-a-chomp dance around the house for 30 minutes. That is why I keep my blinds closed!LOL!

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  11. You saw the Wiggles in person???!!! My niece would be so jealous!

  12. Thanks for the heads up! The Wiggles isn’t on our normally scheduled “to watch” list (which is already too long”) but I’m sure the little guy would get a kick out of the dvd! And anything a little extra to give me the oomph to get off my butt is always appreciated!

    Karens last blog post..I’ve lost…

  13. we are big fans of the wiggles and in the sit on the couch days, I use to think, man, those guys are in good shape! I wanna be a wiggle…….without the wiggle!

    Annettes last blog post..Foggy Friday

  14. When we bought our first Wiggles tape (6 1/2 years ago-kinda hard to believe) I kept thinking that I could substitute that for my regular aerobics video! Those guys have almost as much energy as my son,lol!

  15. Another great post!..really enjoyed reading your blog..looking to read more from you..thanks for the helpful infos about health!

    Bryans last blog post..Color Vision Deficiency

  16. If wiggling is what it takes then wiggle-a great way to get in shape.

    It is always a struggle to get the weight off and then it takes a conscious effort to keep it off.

    Being over weight is an emotionally draining and physically draining situation to be in and many times your struggle is reduced to ridicule and insensitivity.

    The exhilaration you feel when you look back 5 months before you made a conscious effort and see positive results is truly gratifying and often creates wide smiles and happy tears.

    Losing weight can be accomplish but motivation must come from the inside to change the outside.

    You can and will do it, just never give up hope.

    Only give up the pounds and the inches and wiggle them away.

    Fat Butt No More

  17. We dance to the Wiggles every day for circle time! The kids love it and all that jumping around get my HR up and burns some cals for me! Go Wiggles!

    Angies last blog post..“Coconut Oil Is The Healthiest Oil On Earth”