I went to a kettlebell class!


Giryafit’s website says “Kettlebells do twice the work in half the time” and they are not kidding.

I finally got the chance this week to go to a kettlebell class in person and it was fabulous! I took a class with Justin Case, the owner of Giryafit. In addition to being a personal trainer, he is also a KBC kettlebell instructor who clearly knows his stuff. I liked his no-nonsense approach to fitness, at one point he said “You shouldn’t even hear the music because you are working so hard”.

Now THAT is my kind of trainer!

I don’t want fluff; I want someone to push me past my comfort zone and help me get results! My DVDs are wonderful, but nothing beats being in a live class with someone telling you to go faster and stronger for the next 10 minutes.

Yes, that is right, 10 minute intervals! (as opposed to the 2 minute intervals I was used to). I was aching and sweating (and silently cursing) , but it was so much fun! I learned some new moves and got some much needed critique on my form.

If you are new to kettlebell training, I definitely recommend taking a class in person for that very reason. I thought my form was great, but after Justin made a few adjustments, I could clearly tell a difference.

I also need to stress that this is such a fantastic NON-IMPACT workout! If you are injured like me, this is an optimal way to improve or maintain your fitness without aggravating certain injuries.

Another key point to remember is that kettlebell training is not something you are going to master right away. The moves are complex and different from what we are used to, but when done properly, they are very effective.

As I was exploring Giryafit’s website, I found this excellent piece of advice:

“If you’re a whiner or someone who expects results without a drop of sweat you should probably keep waiting for that magic pill; this probably isn’t for you. It is not a walk in the park, but its ability to burn fat at an alarming rate and build long beautiful muscles can’t be ignored.”

So, put aside those studies about exercise in a pill and get yourself over to a kettlebell facility. Please visit Giryafit for more information about kettlebell training and why it can benefit you.

I am hooked and can’t wait to go back and do it all over again!

Fitness can and should be FUN gang. Find something you love to do and just get it done.


  1. Jen Dugan says:

    How fun; how grueling; how awesome! The next time you go – take me with you!

  2. a class sounds FAR MORE FUN than my own kettlebelling outside solo in the grass!

    MizFits last blog post..It’s SCAVENGER HUNT TIME!!

  3. Wow, the class you went to sounds great. I’ve gotta check out the kettlebell and Giryafit’s website. Thanks!

    Laura-Junkfoodaholics last blog post..Runners Age More Slowly, According To Study

  4. I’m so jealous. I wish I could find a kettlebell class near me.

    Robins last blog post..So Cute

  5. Ooo…interesting. They have a 30-minute class close to wear I work. I might have to check them out!

    Slacker Mamas last blog post..like christmas in august

  6. Godiva Girl says:

    Thanks, Lisa!

    I’ve got the Sarah Lurie DVD after your lst recommendation, but would love to kick it up a notch. Did you attend a group class or do a personal training session? I’m about 1 1/2 hrs from GiryaFit. Should I trek up for one session??

  7. Dying to try any form of a kettlebell workout. It’s on the list for post marathon training.

    Rachels last blog post..Strength Training plan offered by Shawn Phillips

  8. workoutmommy workoutmommy says:

    Robin-check around to see if you have any CrossFit facilities in your area. They usually have classes. It was a lot of fun! (but very tough)

  9. Oh…so THOSE are kettleballs. I wasn’t sure what you guys had been talking about. Anxious to check it out.

    Thanks for the info!

    Jenny86753oh9s last blog post..Dressing up Jessica

  10. The kettlebell guru rises up once again! Nice post! :)

    Mark Salinass last blog post..The Linkster….

  11. workoutmommy workoutmommy says:

    Godiva Girl, I did a group class but plan to do a personal training session soon. Since it is a bit of a trek for you, I would suggest a personal session. That way you can make sure you have the form correct and can ask questions, etc. Give Justin a call,he is very nice.

  12. We have a Crossfit facility in the area, I cannot wait to go. I shall use my videos until baby is born and I am recovered. The more I use my kettlebells, the more I like them. I am glad to hear more positive feedback about it. Thanks Lisa!

    Alices last blog post..

  13. I’ve been seeing so much lately about kettlebells. I thought it was a new way to make tea!

    Anyway, I have not seen a kettlebell class offered here in Conway. Maybe soon, if this continues to become more and more popular.

    Paul Eilerss last blog post..The USDA Says MSG Is Safe – But Is It Healthy?

  14. If I was going to try kettlebells, I’d TOTALLY want to do it in a class. From what I hear if you don’t do the moves correctly, it can be a tad dangerous. And I’m so darn klutzy, that believe me, I need an expert!

    Fit Bottomed Girlss last blog post..Laughter: The Best Form of Yoga

  15. I do this in my sculpt class and I love it, I need to get one for home!

    Bobbis last blog post..Truly Inspiring!

  16. That is AWESOME! I didn’t know they had classes like that around here. I totally would have gone with you. Are you planning to go back at some point soon?

    Zandrias last blog post..Random Friday, Ver. 60

  17. It’s always good to change your routine and to face new challenges and i completely agree with the advice that’s impossible to lose weight without any effort, actually you will have to put much more effort than you imagine.
    Good luck with your new class.

    Alex Costa – minimizeme.tvs last blog post..The plan revised

  18. workoutmommy workoutmommy says:

    slackermama-you should definitely go and try it out. give Justin a call!

  19. workoutmommy workoutmommy says:

    zandria-I am definitely going back again. On Saturday mornings he has an outdoor circuit class, want to try that with me? :)

  20. Kettlebells have intrigued me recently. Seems like I’ve heard a lot more about them over the last year or so. And everything I’ve heard has been super positive. Maybe it’s time to look into them…

    I love the quote from the website – there are no shortcuts on this journey – we “earn” the body we have.

    Lances last blog post..Maintenance, Do You Do It?

  21. I’ve been reading a lot about kettlebells lately. I have no idea what that’s all about but it sounds great. I am going to look it up. I live in a military community, so if it’s sweaty and hard and muscle building you’ll find it in our local gym! LOL

    Great blog,…fantastic info! I’ll definitely be back!

    Link exchange directory http://www.benaturallywell.com/blog/add-your-blog/

    We need your expertise in our new forum to get things rolling! http://www.benaturallywell.com/forums/

    shelleys last blog post..Fat Loss Journey – 1 Month Down

  22. i swear, the second I get clearance from my doc to go back to my regular fitness routine, I AM DOING KETTLEBELLS. So jealous…sounds fun!

    WeightingGames last blog post..5 Ways to Master Your Emotions

  23. Oooh! I so wish I could try an actual KB class! Everything I’ve done has been from DVDs or magazines and it is SO not the same. WTG Lisa!

    charlottes last blog post..Pregorexia: New Eating Disorder or Overblown Media Hype?


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