Staying accountable via Twitter

Accountability is king here in the land of health and fitness. If I know that someone is waiting for me at the track or that I only have fruits and vegetables as snacks in the house, it is much easier to stay focused on healthy living.

So when I heard about the “Tweightloss Challenge”, I jumped at the chance to be a team trainer. We are using Twitter as a means of support, motivation, and accountability. It doesn’t matter if you want to lose 1 pound or 100 pounds, your team members are there to support you along the way.

So the next time I get tempted by that stray brownie or feel like skipping a workout, I’m going to ‘tweet’ it to my crew and know that one of them will help me make a better decision! (Go team Twit Fit!)

Interested in joining in on the challenge? Please visit Audrey’s blog for more information. (she is a mom to FOUR boys under the age of 4. If she can do this, you can too!)

Now get up, get moving, and enjoy your energy gang. No excuses!


  1. FatFighter says

    Team Trainer – that’s awesome! And the challenge is a fabulous idea. Besides, it’ll give you more Twitter time. 😉

  2. says

    I ? Twitter……love to use it to stay accountable and encourage!!!!!

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  3. says

    I love technology. I’m all about Facebook and e-mail and YouTube and blackberries but maybe it’s just me but Twitter drives me nuts. I hate getting everyone’s twitters (twits?) – seriously, I so don’t care that you had Phad Thai for lunch – and I hate twitting. Even typing that irritates me. It just feels like an immense waste of time.

    Sorry to be so negative today but you picked a sore spot;)

    charlottes last blog post..I Work Out Like A Girl

  4. Lisa M says

    WTG on being a trainer!

    For those worried about all the noise on Twitter, I felt exactly the same way when I 1st began twittering. However, after awhile you kinda tend to tune it out. You develop a scan mode I guess. Anyhow, if you follow someone who is too yacky, try this twitter tool. (I haven’t tried it yet BTW)
    Geez, wonder if anyone has used it on me yet lol

  5. Lisa M says

    WTG on being a trainer!

    Regarding Twitter, I felt exactly the same way at 1st. All the noise, I was like WTF!!! However, after awhile you tend to tune it out and develop a scan mode I guess.

    If someone you follow is too yacky use this tool

    Haven’t tried it yet. Wonder if anyone has used it on me yet lol

  6. Sagan says

    The Internet is so great for accountability!

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  7. workoutmommyworkoutmommy says

    twittersnooze? I had not heard of that, thank you!

    charlotte, you crack me up! Yes, I always wonder why some people post every single thing they are doing.

  8. Alice says

    I am with Charlotte here… I use myspace and facebook, I heart Youtube, I can text message real fast, I am on IM for work, but there is a limit to how much information I can take in.

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  9. JoLynn Braley says

    Very very cool, this is why I even started using Twitter in the first place. I didn’t find a lot of people who wanted to stay accountable with me though, so this way of getting a group together is much better than what I did.

    I’m sure that your team will benefit greatly from being led by you, too – you’re the best Lisa!! :)

    P.S. re: twitsnz….if you use twittersnooze it’s good if you send the person you’re snoozing a note cuz they’ll know you snoozed em. I’ve never used it myself.

  10. says

    Oooh, I love a good challenge! I’ll definitely check it out. The idea of being accountable would work good for me, esp when I have moments of weakness like today when my kids’ leftover mac-n-cheese from lunch was calling my name!! I didn’t eat it but I really really wanted to!

    I added your blog to my favorites…I’m sure I’ll find a lot of motivation to stay in shape by reading it!!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! In answering your question, the trainer was a freebee. The gym offered me 2 free training sessions. I probably would’ve complained to the manager if I had paid for the sessions!!

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  11. Laura Brandon says

    that sounds like such a cool idea!

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