The family that cheers together…

This week instead of “One Fit Mommy”, I am featuring “One Fit Family”!

Kim and Paul Taylor are parents that have made fitness a priority in their lives. They set a great example for their two boys by participating in local running and triathlon races. They offer support to each other by giving each other dedicated time to train and make it a point to always attend each other’s races.

In addition to being a fit family, they also encourage others through their business, an online shop where you can purchase adorable items that “celebrate support of athletic and fitness accomplishment”. What started out as a fun idea to support Paul during a triathlon has now morphed into a small family business.

With great slogans like “Swim Daddy Swim” and “I need more Cowbell”, your family can become an instant cheering section! Imagine how fun it would be to see your child or spouse wearing their “Run Mommy Run!” teeshirt during your next race? Keep reading to find out more about this fit family and enter for your chance to win one of their shirts!

Q: How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

We have two boys, Connor (5) and Griffin (3).

Q: How did family fan club get started?

Kim: Paul has been attending my many races over the last eight years as the wonderful dedicated husband that he is. He has been talking about completing a triathlon for several years and I was so proud of him for making the commitment to training and achieving one of his goals that I really wanted to make it a memorable day! So I had some shirts made for the boys showing how awesome they think their dad is! It was so cute, the boys were yelling and cheering for Dad as he ran through transition, rode by on his bike and finished his first triathlon like the champion we all knew he was! After the race so many people commented on how cute the shirts were and even asked where they could buy them that we knew we were on to something!

Q: What types (marathons, triathlons, etc.) of races do you and your wife do?

Paul: I prefer triathlons. I was swimmer in high school, so it’s been an easy transition to get back in the water. I’ve never been much of a runner, I’m getting better, but I’d still much rather walk!

Kim: I have been participating in running races since 2000. I completed my first Half Marathon in September 2001 and I was hooked! I love the distance, enough challenge without being too demanding on my personal life. I annually run the Steamboat Springs Half Marathon and it has been a goal for many years to complete two half marathons in one year. So last year I completed the Steamboat Half and the Denver Half. I was so inspired by this and so happy to have a fantastic running partner in my friend Rebecca that I have changed from a seasonal runner to someone who ran throughout the entire year (sun, rain, sleet and snow) and now think that I am ready to kick it up a notch and have aspirations to run a full marathon.

Q: Do you have a favorite?

Paul: I’ve only done two triathlons, but my favorite so far has been the Greeley Sprint Triathlon in Greeley, CO. It was a great first race, well run and very beginner friendly. I’m really looking forward to the first two triathlons in the 5430 Triathlon series (Sprint and Olympic distances) in Boulder this summer.

Kim: Hard to say because I LOVE the Steamboat Half Marathon because Steamboat is an amazing place, the race is gorgeous, and we make it a fun little vacation every year. However, I absolutely LOVED running the Denver Half Marathon last year. Despite the horrific weather conditions, there were still tons of fans cheering everyone on and when I finished it was the first time I felt like I could have gone on! That was the first day I actually thought I was ready to complete a marathon. Although, the race I really look forward to each year, it is the Title Nine Sport T9K race on Mother’s Day. It is such an awesome way to celebrate mothers!

Q: Do you ever race together?

Paul: We did a couple of 5k races last year and we also did the Sodus Point, NY Sprint Triathlon last year.

Kim: We ran the Bolder Boulder together! It is difficult to complete races together with the boys so we simply pick our favorite races, make a cooperative race schedule over the winter, and participate with our training partners. However, we are committed to supporting each other and we never miss a race the other is participating in! There is nothing like crossing the finish line and having Paul waiting there for me or even better having the boys run across the finish line with me!

Q: What are some of your most popular products?

Our most popular products so far are: Triathlon Daddy, Run Mommy Run, Run Like a Girl and It’s Business Time (Triathlon and Running). The interesting thing has been how many adults have purchased the Triathlon Daddy and Run Mommy Run designs. We figured these designs would be popular with the kids, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised with the number of adult t-shirts, stickers, buttons and magnets we’ve sold.

Q: Can I get everything online or do you sell your products in stores as well?

We currently have several retailers in the Boulder, CO area that carry our products including Adrenaline Tri-Sports, Fleet Feet Boulder and Brown Shoes. We will also be partnering with vendors across the front range during the 2008 race season to sell our products at race expos, including the Greeley Triathlon, 5430 Triathlon Series and Denver Marathon. Our retailers currently carry limited design and product availability, but our online store ( literally has 100’s of designs available on 100’s of products ranging from t-shirts, stickers, buttons, signs, mouse pads, xmas ornaments, etc. Our online store also provides an opportunity to customize any of our designs, so if you’re supporting your spouse or friend, we can replace Mommy/Daddy with your spouse or friends name.

Q: What advice do you have for families who claim they do not have time for exercise?

Paul: My recommendation would be to prioritize exercise into your schedule. Put it on the schedule and commit to yourself that no matter what is going on, you will work out at least 1 hour a day. With two small kids, a full time job and living 1800 miles away from our family, the deck is definitely not stacked in our favor. I started attending classes at the local recreation center (Boot Camp, Kick Boxing and Spinning) where they offer day care, which allows both Kim and I to work out together. With race specific training, it works out pretty well that Kim is a morning person and I feel more motivated to work out after work, so our schedules work together to allow us to meet our training objectives.

Kim: Get a partner! Finding a friend that has the same goals and objectives is the greatest thing. It gives you a reason to get out of bed early in the morning or to the gym after a long hard day. It is too easy to skip out on a workout because there “isn’t time” but when you know someone is there waiting for you to show up it strengthens your commitment. Plus I swear that when Rebecca and I run together the more we talk, the quicker our pace and the faster the miles pass!

Thank you Paul and Kim for sharing your story with us and for supporting one another in fitness!

They are also offering one lucky reader a free T-shirt of your choice! Visit their site, check out their great slogans, and then tell me which one is your favorite and why. The contest will end at 8pm EST on Wednesday, July 16th. Winner will be chosen at random and must provide a US mailing address.
Don’t forget to get up and be active today gang! No excuses!


  1. says

    I love this and aspire to be them as my daughter gets older and her ‘exercise’ shifts from spontaneous dance parties to, perhaps, something more organized.

    and you know I want em to make a series of LIFT MOMMY LIFT!

    MizFit’s last blog love.

  2. says

    Great interview!! I love the Run Mommy Run shirt. I would love to see my kiddos sporting them at the finish line of my next race. The Run Like a Girl one is great too!

    I will definitely be buying some shirts from them. Thanks for the link!

    Robin’s last blog post..Potty Training

  3. FatFighter says

    What a great story – I always like to hear about people who put a focus on living healthier lives and show others that it can be done! My favorite slogan is the “I need more cowbell.”

    FatFighter’s last blog post..Seven silly fitness fads from Newsweek

  4. says

    These are great! Although I am with MizFit (slightly) on this one — I’d like to see LIFT DADDY LIFT! I also like “Attitude is stronger than facts”.

    Lance’s last blog post..Weeds…In Your Life

  5. Hannah says

    Love involving the whole family and how they arrange their races and training to compliment each other. That is the only way it would work!

    Their logos are cool. I like the Run Like a Girl shirt. I have one from karate that says “fight like a girl” and it still is a favorite.

    Hannah’s last blog post..Kickin’ It

  6. says

    Great interview – I love to see moms and dads involving their kids in exercise. I occasionally go to a kickboxing class, so I need a “hits like a girl” shirt. :-)

    Missicat’s last blog post..M & MMMMMMMM

  7. Ashley says

    My husband and I are talking about starting a family and this is so important. It’s not only a great way to bond but it shows them that leading a healthy lifestyle can be fun and is normal.

    I want my children to be happy, healthy, and responsible. Being active as a family can only help.

    Ashley’s last blog post..Go strong or go home.

  8. says

    I love the idea of getting the kids in on the fitness, and of having their extra support. Too cute.

    Lisa- thanks for stopping by my site. As my husband and I are trying to start a family, I’m sure your wisdom will come in handy. Thanks for the great info that you provide!

    RooBabs’s last blog post..Close, But No Cigar

  9. Sagan says

    That’s really great. It seems as though people at different levels of healthy stages gravitate towards each other- its pretty rare to see a super healthy person married to a super unhealthy person. And its so nice when the whole family can be in on it together like that!

    Sagan’s last blog post..Links for Body Confidence and Self-Exams

  10. says

    Wow, talk about inspiring! Why can’t we have more healthy, fit families like this in America?! I love the “I need more cowbell” shirt! That’s one of my all time favorite SNL skits!

    Cynthia – Healthy Hollywood’s last blog post..Spotlight on Green Celebrities – Cameron Diaz

  11. says

    Hi, thanks for all the feedback, ideas and support. We’ll look to add some of those designs.

    Also, through July 20th we have free shipping on all orders over $65 and starting Monday, we’ve got a sale on all Jr Jersey t-shirts, an additional $4 off! Support Workout Mommy by shopping via the link on the right hand side of the page.

    Paul and Kim

    Paul and Kim’s last blog post..Family Fan Club featured at Workout Mommy today

  12. Stacey says

    I really like their Everyday Gear – “Patience is a waste of time” tee because it’s just me! But I also love the “Run Like a Girl” tee. It reminds me that I need to just have fun with running!

  13. Misty says

    What a cute idea! I would pick the option ‘Life is short…running makes it seem longer.’ for women. I run and hubby and Madeline have been there cheering for me a few times. Hubby in particular would appreciate that running makes life seem longer 😀

  14. says

    I really like the Major League Running for women shirt. I’m trying to get back into running after having two kids and we’re obsessed with baseball at our house, so this shirt seems perfect!

    Thanks for the chance to win and great interview!

    Natalie’s last blog post..Totally Freaky Experience

  15. Go Amie says

    How awesome! People need to realize, from childhood on up, that exercise is not a chore, it is a joy. This company takes the right approach!

    I like the “run like a girl” design best!

  16. misty w says

    I like the ‘patience is a waste of time’ tee. Just because it describes me. lol. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

    misty w’s last blog post..Country Bob’s – A Review.

  17. Elizabeth Mays says

    I love the ‘patience is a waste of time’ tshirt. It’s really fun! Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. Jess says

    What cute shirts! My favorite is Run Dad Run, since my boys and I go to every one of their Dad’s races to cheer him on…

  19. says

    Love them all, and love what this family is promoting! I’d have to go with Daddy’s Transition Team, since my husband has a 1/2 IM on the calendar. Right now we’re cheering him on to his workouts because they’re as hard for him to squeeze in as it is for me. Go Daddy!

    Kara from Mama Sweat’s last blog post..Thoughts I had During my Triathlon