Have you planked today?

Are you planking? I hope so!

Planks are a powerhouse exercise that works all of your core muscles. They can be done anywhere at anytime.

  • Still in your PJ’s? Good news–planks don’t require special clothing!
  • Out in your backyard with the kids? Drop down and do planks!
  • At a summer barbecue with friends? Wow them with your planking skills!

Do them gang. No excuses!

Here is an excellent video clip of the various levels of planks. Have fun!


  1. you know what—-I WILL PLANK TODAY.

    thanks for the reminder. about plankage and the fact that my Tornado might actually have fun planking with me 😉

    MizFit’s last blog post..Tues Tips (sweaty edition)

  2. Had my pilates class last night, so I think I have my planking requirement filled for a couple days! OOOUUUCCHHH!

    Planking at a BBQ? hmmm…..there’s a thought :-)

    Missicat’s last blog post..‘Cause I need another moutain to climb!

  3. I know this sounds crazy, but I love love LOVE planks! They are so great for the core and arms! The side ones are killer.

    renae’s last blog post..Back From the Near Dead

  4. I used to love planks. I need to do them again- my core needs help. Going now- I can plank while the punks eat their breakfast. The video is great!

    Hannah’s last blog post..Decadence List

  5. I haven’t, but I will now! That last one looks kinda fun (NOT!)

    IzzyBeth’s last blog post..Day 1 – Push-Up Challenge

  6. I’ll plank when I get home…the people at my office already think I’m crazy enough without walking into my cube and seeing me do that!

    Slacker Mama’s last blog post..the price is … totally bizarre!

  7. Thanks for the video. I will plank today!

    Robin’s last blog post..Great Weekend

  8. LOVE the planking. And I always work out in my pj’s when I’m at home:)

    Sagan’s last blog post..Push Up Challenges and Diets

  9. Great video, I love the plank…excellent core exercise!

    Mark Salinas’s last blog post..Top Lists

  10. What I love about the plank is how innocuous it looks, until your whole body starts to shake and hurt…

  11. Getting ready to do this with Jillian in level 3 in a few days………

    KFJ’s last blog post..What’s Going on With…..ME

  12. I heart the Plank! I make my clients do lots of them in my pilates classes, ’cause I used to hate them, but they’ve made me SO STRONG! And I want my clients to FEEL THE POWER OF THE PLANK!!!!!

    {Ahem} But they are really great.

  13. Plankies are fun and effective.

    For those of us who sit a lot and have rounded shoulders try this:

    As you’re doing a plank, squeeze your shoulder blades together.

    Note about planks: it is very easy to overdo this one and hurt your back. If you back is ‘talking’ to you. Stop, rest, do it again.

    Make sure to suck in your abs as you’re doing the exercise. That way you are working against gravity and getting a heck-of-a-workout(yes it is one word).

    Denis Kanygin’s last blog post..10 tips for lower back pain relief: Tip #4 Strong Abs

  14. I planked on Sunday. I’m not at the point where I enjoy them, but I am getting better at holding the pose longer! :)

    Susan’s last blog post..Tropical Granola

  15. I’m not yet at the hearting of the plank but I try get it in every session. Then my trainer throws in plank plus leg raises and I would kill him if I had the energy.

    But yeah, oh so good for those abs!

    Gemfit’s last blog post..“Good” vs “Bad”

  16. Brilliant! I will try and plank tomorrow morning, afternoon and night. I’ve never seen this before. Very cool!

    Sandy (Momisodes)’s last blog post..It’s Over, and I’m Not Feeling All That Good About It

  17. Wow! These things are great! I was busting a sweat after 2 sets! I love them!!!!

    momofthree’s last blog post..My Clay is “Aiken for a child…….

  18. I love my planks!! They’re one of the exercises that I love to hate! :)

    Cynthia’s last blog post..Mario Lopez and Audrina Patridge Dish on Diet Secrets


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