No workout when Britney Spears is in the house

normal britney-spears-gym17Back in my life before kids I was addicted to step aerobics. I had my favorite class with my favorite instructor and did not miss this class for anything. It was often the highlight of my day and nothing could stop me from going to that class. So I can relate to the gym members who were annoyed last week when their favorite class was canceled at the last minute. There was no illness or emergency, class was canceled due to celebrity.

Members at Bally’s Total Fitness were told their class would not be held because the room was being used by Britney Spears for her own private workout. They were out of luck—celebrity status beats out member status.

According to John Wildman, Chief Marketing Officer for Bally’s Total Fitness, “We mistakenly double-booked the exercise room. It was entirely our fault.” Wildman adds, “We gave members gifts and premiums and certificates to take other classes as compensation.”

While I applaud her efforts to get back in shape,was it really necessary for her to schedule her private workout at that time? With all the resources and money she has, why does she even go to a public gym?

It is hard enough for some of us to even get ourselves to the gym but to get there and find out class is canceled? Just so Britney can have the room to herself? C’mon..that is just ridiculous! Bring the trainers to her house and let the non-famous people like myself enjoy our step classes!

What do you think, would you have been annoyed?


  1. says

    That would have annoyed me to no end!!!! I totally agree that she should not come into a public place and demand a room that is used by others!!!!! Surely she can have a personal trainer come to her!!!! She is just wanting the publicity.

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    Everything Britney does irritates me. But yeah – I’m like you in that I get totally addicted to a class. I had one teacher who was so good that when the gym cancelled her class for a holiday, we met in her GARAGE to do it anyhow.

    To quote N’Sync: Bye, bye, Britney, bye, bye!

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    I would have been sooooo pissed! I would have pushed up my sleeves, puffed up my chest, stormed past her gorilla body guards and given her a piece of my mind!!!

    Go home Britney! Go home!

    Fitarella’s last blog post..Fabulously Fit Feature

  4. Alice says

    I think Britney might not realize that she is not THAT important to most of us, let us forgive her for that. The gym is totally at fault for ditching its regular, class attending members for Britney. Hello!!!!!!

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    I read somewhere that she might be in talks with Bally’s to become their spokesperson…hence the newfound love of the gym.

    But alienating current users by giving special treatment to a celebrity doesn’t seem to be the smartest customer relations moves that Bally’s could have.

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  6. Angie says

    Oh yea..that would have made me a lil angry! Go home and get your workout in with your own personal trainer….ridiculous!

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  7. workoutmommyworkoutmommy says

    charlotte–in the garage? that is awesome!

    fitarella–can you help me out with some annoying people in my life?

    mizfit–only time will tell on that one! (and i love trash!)

    and i agree with all, she can afford her own trainer, yet bally’s still chose to alienate their paying members!

  8. says

    Oh yeah. I would have been extremely annoyed!

    Britney is probably accustomed to getting whatever she wants, so she probably didn’t think twice about having an entire class (of folks who took time out of their busy schedules to take a class they pay for and were ready to get in to!) kicked out for her sole use.

    Bad on the gym. You lose members that way! (And part of me hopes they did.)

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  9. jeflin says

    Just because she is rich doesn’t mean she can deprive others of the same right.

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  10. Sagan says

    That’s not fair at all- I’d have been so upset if my class were canceled, especially for a reason like that.

    I also ADORED my step class when I used to take it. It’s so much fun!

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  11. Hungry Waif says

    why cant britney join in the fun of the step class. maybe she needs some REAL people social interaction beacause those paparazzi and body gaurds dont count as support system, if you ask me.