1. BK says

    you took the words right out of my mouth!!!! the message is very worth it!

    BK’s last blog post..War of the Poses

  2. Mommie says

    Ugh, she annoys me to no end, but yes, the message is important!!


    Mommie’s last blog post..What Do You Consider A Deal?

  3. Sagan says

    LOVE it. That’s got to be one of the best signs ever.

    Sagan’s last blog post..Summer sports

  4. Hungry Waif says

    I cant stand her…but agree with the message. my sister 9 months pregnant nad is due next week and i keep thinking,god anyone who can endure labor has got to be some serious warrior.

  5. says

    So true, what a great message and something we should be preaching to all our mothers this weekend!

    Dana’s last blog post..What food labels really mean

  6. says

    hm…I saw some other pics if her on a different blog and was annoyed at how airbrushed the images looked but I agree…you have to love this message! Happy Mother’s Day, Workout Mommy!

  7. feener says

    it is a great message. but the messenger does irk me.

    feener’s last blog post..My favorite gift ! A giveaway

  8. Hayley says

    I love Elisabeth. Love the message too. Another strong, beautiful and conservative mom- Michelle Malkin

    Hayley’s last blog post..Good/Bad