How the celebrities really manage to stay thin

The next time you buy a magazine, book, or DVD that features a celebrity trainer, keep this article in mind.

The celebrity trainers are spilling the beans on how celebrities such as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Marcia Cross, and Beyonce manage to stay thin and it isn’t because they do yoga and go hiking.

They are doing some crazy things such as:

  • eating only 2 hard boiled eggs all day long
  • taking drugs such as Adderall (used to treat ADD) and Clenbuterol (used to treat respiratory problems in horses!)
  • surviving for two weeks on the “master cleanse” –which involves consuming only water mixed with maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper.
  • checking in a hospital so they can get an IV and avoid food entirely
  • drinking laxative tea all day
  • drinking massive amounts of coffee and just maybe eating a little bit of lettuce.

This is just sad and frustrating. These are role models for the next generation and instead of showing them a healthy lifestyle, they are being taught that a quick (and dangerous) fix is the way to go!

You won’t catch me doing any of the above, no matter how much weight it might help me lose.

It’s all about a healthy and FIT lifestyle around here.
Repeat after me: Eat less and move more.

That is all it takes.
Is it easy to do? No.
But can it be done? Yes!

So get moving gang and enjoy your energy! You are worth it!
photo credit: Phoney Nickle


  1. Sagan says

    Sometimes I wonder how they actually DO that- and then I remember all of the crazy things that those people are portrayed as doing (their intense outbursts of anger in public, reckless driving etc).

    A while back, Mischa Barton’s mother was reported saying that she wasn’t mad at her daughter for calling her stupid, because how could she not have a quick temper when the image she’s got is this skinny little stick figure who never eats? It’s a valid point. No wonder these stars get such bad reps… if you feed your body healthfully, it’s going to respond in kind. Eat less and move more is right!

    Sagan’s last blog post..Chocolate and Books!

  2. says

    Eat less and move more sums it up- and make some healthy choices!! I have a close friend who just does not get that- she eats well over twice the calories I do, and she weighs well over twice what I do- and she does not move!!! It is amazing the heads that turn when someone says they have a ‘magic plan’ for getting thin. I always say I want to write a diet book- it will have two pages- first page- eat less and make healthy choices, you have to count calories, they matter. Second page- exercise. If you are skinny and not fit, you are NOT healthy. But that book would not sell, because so many people these days are against.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..It’s a dog eat waffle world

  3. says

    My computer deleted part of my comment- I was saying the book would not sell, because the plan involves a bit of effort, which people seem to be against these days. Like the above poster said- people want to take a pill and be done with it!

    Jennifer’s last blog post..It’s a dog eat waffle world

  4. says

    But to their credit, because i do live in la and am in the business, some celebs DO move it and eat right. I notice especially those with kids, they begin to realize that it will impact their children and i think they all of audden realize its not ALL about them (them i mean the celebs).

  5. says

    Not to mention that this nightmare of a rollercoaster of dieting leads to all sorts of health problems in itself.

    And how about the slowed metabolism from not eating enough day in and day out?

    I have heard stories from people that have seen the “heavier” people on TV and say that they even look scary skinny but the stars that we see on TV are all relative to each other so there is an urge in Hollywood to be as skinny as possible.

    Fitness Guy’s last blog post..Twitter for fitness tips

  6. LisaN says

    It’s amazing what people will put themselves and their bodies through in order to lose weight. Everytime, I see an ad for some unhealthy weight loss product, it makes me cringe to think people are actually going to pay good money for that crap.

    LisaN’s last blog post..ben goldarb left a comment for David

  7. workoutmommyworkoutmommy says

    Mizfit, Jennifer, Lisa–it really is crazy what people will do and spend for the “magic” pill. I always tell people that if there really was a quick fix, don’t you think Oprah would have bought/done it by now!?

    Sagan–I remember that quote too about Mischa’s mom! So sad, especially from a mom point of view. I would want to feed her!

    Hungry–thanks for pointing out that there ARE celebs doing it right. (like Gabby!)

    Fitness guy–great point about the metabolism. Oprah is another great example of a slowed metabolism due to a lifetime of crazy diets.

    Paul–welcome and you are so right! A personal chef (and trainer) would make so much more sense.

  8. Kiss says

    A friend of mine had a “Two Eggs” diet several years ago. She wanted to lose weight. So she ate as little as possible. So at first she had awful headache, and her spirits was so low, she was irritated, tired, exhausted, and nervous. On the next day she simply lost conscience.

    Since then she never ever keeps diets!

    Healthy food, reasonable portioning and active lifestyles are the best diets in teh world!

    Kiss’s last blog post..Going Dutch – Yes or No

  9. Weight Watching Mama says

    Thanks for this post! It drives me nuts when celebs attribute their bodies to “yoga/pilates and eating right.” What a load! Now I just need all of the celeb mommies to ‘fess up to having tummy tucks… :)

    Weight Watching Mama’s last blog post..A Successful First Week Back

  10. Diana says

    My question is, do they workout at all when they eat so little. If I don’t consume enough before a workout I get light headed. I’m not sure what the happy medium is for this. When I go to the gym I primarily do the classes they have which most are high intensity. I now make sure I eat enough prior, but weight isn’t coming off as quickly as I’d like. I’m only trying to lose the last 5 lbs or so and I don’t eat processed food and cook most meals. I just don’t understand how celebrities can workout and eat 2 hard boiled eggs.


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