Are you a Christina Aguilera or a Nicole Richie?

Which post-baby body do you most resemble: Christina Aguilera or Nicole Richie?

christina.jpgI’m more of a Christina type. Weeks (ok, really months!) later, I still have that extra weight hanging on my hips, thighs and stomach. Some people swear that breastfeeding just melts away the pounds but unfortunately that has not happened for me. I am definitely still draggin’ a little extra in my wagon and sporting the dreaded muffin top!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still think Christina looks amazing. She is just a little over a month postpartum and I admire that fact that she is out and about. Most other celebrities seem to stay in hiding until they can magically fit back into their pre-pregnancy jeans.

nicolerichie.jpgWhich brings me to Nicole Richie– did she leave the hospital in her pre-pregnancy jeans? She also had her baby about a month ago but you would never know that based on recent pictures.

Yes, at one point in her life she was dangerously thin, but she did gain a good amount of weight during her pregnancy and delivered a healthy 6lb, 7 oz baby girl. Looking at her now though it is hard to imagine she was even pregnant, much less just over a month ago!

How does that happen? Genes. It is all in the genes. Some people are born with a metabolism that works in overdrive and just melts the pounds away. I have several friends who drop back to their original size (or smaller!) within weeks after having baby. They do it with little to no effort because their bodies just work that way.

I am not so lucky to get those genes, so I must focus on eating a clean diet and burning extra calories through exercise. That is just my reality and there is no point in trying to fight it! My pre-pregnancy jeans are still waiting faithfully for me to come back to them. I know I’ll get there and hopefully it will happen before Christina Aguilera gets back into hers!

So tell me, are you a Christina or a Nicole when it comes to your postpartum weight? Was there something specific you did or did your genes help you get back into your jeans?

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  1. I’m definately a Christina. I gained a whopping 63 lbs with Ella. Breastfeeding took about half of the lbs I gained but it was definately a fight to get the rest of the 31 lbs left. I never got them all off – I’m still 3 lbs over what I weighed pre-pregancy and my old jeans while they fit don’t fit the same. Still, I’m not compaining – I adore my daughter and couldn’t imagine a greater joy AND I’m more fit and healthy than I’ve ever been in my life so what’s 3 lbs, right?! ;)

  2. When I was 21 I went from 110lbs to 150lbs at 9 months and was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans 6 weeks later at a healthy 126lbs.

    Being pregnant again twice in my early and mid 30′s is another ball of wax.

    While I can understand family genes being part of the equation, I also think it has a lot to do with age and varying degrees of health.

  3. Yep, I’m a Christina. Genes do play a role in certain metabolisms, but I think we also get sucked into the idea that all our time must be devoted to the children. While exercise and eating right seem obvious, stress, lack of sleep and a demanding baby zap us of focusing on ourselves. It’s tough, but doable! Maybe a bit more slowly.

  4. It took me 16 months after my first pregnancy to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight, and two years after my second. Then we moved, and I put on some weight, which I’m now in the process of losing.
    I have friends who were back at their weight within a couple of months, including one who bounced right back after twins, and she was in her late 30′s at the time.

  5. Lisa – I’m like you – Breastfeeding definitely did NOT help me lose the baby weight. In fact, I can’t drop the last 10 or so pounds until I wean the lil’ nibbler.

    Although I gotta say that I’d be really surprised if Nicole Richie’s weight loss is from good genes (if you want an example of a celeb with good genes that way, I’d choose Keri Russell). Don’t forget Nicole used to be a lot heavier and her “diet” of adderall, clenbuterol, nicotine and starvation was highly publicized. If she weren’t a celeb, we’d all cry eating disorder and/or substance abuse.

    I think Christina looks amazing and I’m sick to death of hearing stories about celebrities who drop their baby weight overnight, literally. It’s bad enough that women have to feel bad about themselves in their normal lives but to attack their pregnant and post-partum bodies is just evil.

  6. workoutmommy workoutmommy says:

    Charlotte, you are right–I forgot about Keri Russell. She is definitely a prime example of someone who just bounced right back to her original size.

  7. Speaking of bouncing back asap, have you seen Gabrielle Reece. She just had a baby Jan. 1 and already looks like she could start fitness modeling right now. She attributes her quick bounce back due to the fact that she stayed really fit during her pregnancy.

  8. Scarlet O'Kara says:

    With my first pregnancy, a vaginal delivery, I lost all of my weight within 3 months, but with my second pregnancy, emergency c-section, I weigh less than I did before I became pregnant, but still cannot fit into my old clothes due to my huge “kangaroo pouch” which I cannot get rid of! I have been able to get my underlying abdominals tightened and my waist has reappeared, but that darned “dun-lap”!


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