Work Out Wednesday: up against the wall!

wallsquat.jpgIt’s the middle of the week and you are feeling stressed and blah? Well, what better way to pep yourself up than with a quick and powerful exercise!

Let’s do some WALL SQUATS!

No excuses gang, this one is really convenient!

Go find a solid wall in your house or job (or at the mall, if necessary!) and pretend there is a chair up against that wall. Now sit down in your pretend chair!

Check your form here:

  • don’t let your knees extend past your toes.
  • Keep your back pressed against the wall.
  • Breathe!
  • Are you sitting down low? Can you inch down a little lower?!!
  • Keep your abs drawn in toward your spine.
  • Keep breathing!
  • squeeze your gluteal muscles.
    • Make ’em work! We grew them, let’s work them!

Do at least 5 wall squats today for 30 seconds to one minute each. (depending on your level) The idea here is to challenge yourself, and potentially a family member! Do it together and see who can hold the position the longest.

Really, who needs a chair when we can use our own legs!

So tell me, how long did you last?


  1. S Vail says

    you are awesome! thanks for the great resource! i did these yesterday but used bad form… my next set will be better : )