Beating the cold weather winter blues

winter blues

Now is about the time the winter doldrums start to sink in and I just feel this cloud of "ugh" wash over me, especially when it's 5pm and already dark outside. I am NOT a fan of winter at all, how about you? Here are 4 ways I am going to combat the winter blahs this year: 1. Exercise. I am going to bundle up and head outside, no matter what the weather. Not only will the exercise do my body good, but the sunlight and Vitamin D will help boost my mood all day long.  My body hates being Continue Reading

Moved in!


I haven't blogged in a month!  It's been a whirlwind as I moved (again!)---this time to a whole new town. My workouts have suffered, as has my sanity. Everything I owned was crammed into a truck and we spent a few days living out of a suitcase at a friend's house.My friend had a few pieces of workout equipment and I was thankful for a few quick workouts during the transition from homes.  We left town and arrived at our new place on Sunday! The kids have met tons of neighborhood kids and Continue Reading

Who is Ashley Horner?

Ashley Horner Transformation picture

  My in real life friends know that I always talk about Ashley Horner.  My kids talk about her as if we are friends.  We love to watch her snaps where she gives us a glimpse into being a busy mom.   Ashley Horner is a sponsored athlete with, a business owner, and a busy mom of 3 boys. I first started following Ashley when I bought her training program Magnify You a few years back. (I also own PipeHitter, PipeHitter2, and Sweetcakes. I love them all!)  Her training Continue Reading