No one ever said it would be easy.

I fully admit that I sometimes look at my friends and think  “you have it so easy”.  Whether it’s because they only have one child, or their parents are still alive and play an active role in their life, or perhaps it is because they have a great job they love that pays the bills.  I know I should not think this way,  but many times I do. :/

The truth is, we all have our own hurdles and struggles. No one is spared from sadness or disappointment in life and the key factor in our happiness is our reaction to these struggles.

Does my life sometimes suck?  Absolutely.
But I also have many, many things to be thankful for and right now I am working on focusing on those.

Does fitness come easy to me?  Not really. I work hard….I struggle….. and sometimes I fail.
My workout on Monday about killed me because I definitely indulged a little bit over the weekend.  :)



Yesterday I brought my tire out in the 100 degree heat for an  impromptu workout while my kids played nearby.  Again, I felt weak and out of shape, even though I know that really isn’t the case.  My mind was trying to take over and get me to quit, but I chose to ignore that nonsense.

Young eyes were watching me and cheering me on. At one point, my 5 year old told me I was too strong for that small tire.    (what a wonderful kid!)


There is no quitting.
There are far too many other fun things to do,  like these!  :) People ask me about step ups and how to do them without a bench—-well, here you go!

Want more fun workouts like these?  Let me know!

Hope you are having a FIT and fun week!

Ashley Horner Fitness


Retail therapy at Dick’s Sporting Goods

**This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint and DICK’s Sporting Goods. All opinions are my own.**

I posted this on my Facebook page the other day—–can you relate?


There is something magically uplifting about new workout clothes, so when Dick’s Sporting Goods asked me if I wanted to go shopping in their new revamped women’s department,  I grabbed my car keys!  I honestly felt like a kid being let loose in a candy store!

I noticed right away the lighting was brighter and it drew my attention to all the wonderful clothes on the racks. There is also a lot more space to comfortably move around the racks and through the aisles.  (so if you have a stroller with you, it is very really easy to shop there!)  The fitting rooms are huge and the staff was very attentive.  The fitting room includes a call button so you can ask an employee to bring you another size if needed.  That is definitely a plus in my book!
There are just so many wonderful choices and styles,  where do I begin? (or more importantly, where do I stop because I could seriously buy 2 of everything in here!) dsg1


After much back and forth on what to get,  I decided on this super cute and comfy outfit. dsg3I already took it out for a run and plan on going back for another pair of shorts in a different color.

Retail therapy combined with a run on a hot summer day makes for a very happy ME!  Be sure to check out your local Dick’s Sporting Goods,  mine was having a great sale on all their summer clothes!

Flex-it Friday with a protein smoothie please!

Nothing better than a little flexing in the summer time.  Suns out, guns out!

This is my 9 year old, who is almost as tall as I am.  How does that happen so fast?!

He isn’t always smiling though….these days he spends a lot of time fighting with his brothers which has me mentally going to my happy place…..which is here!


Life is always better at the beach, right?
Summer also means lots of smoothies and I love to make one first thing in the morning with some Sunwarrior (chocolate, of course) protein powder.  (I love that it is organic, gluten/soy/dairy free) I mix in some of their Ormus Supergreens, a handful of spinach, and some frozen strawberries.  This easily makes a delicious and nutritious healthy smoothie to start my day!
Even my kids want to drink it!   (and yes, a Vitamix is totally worth every penny!) vitamix2



Get out there and FLEX today gang!  Happy Friday!

What is your favorite ingredient to put in smoothies?



Getting six pack abs and a bodacious booty!

For several years now, I have wanted a six-pack.
Yes, I’m being totally vain.
I workout pretty hard and when scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, it’s hard not to see all the beautiful abs out there.  I know that abs are built in the kitchen and while I do eat fairly clean….it just isn’t clean enough. I think I’ve finally realized that a 6 pack is just not in the cards for me because I love pizza, chocolate, beer, and brownies far too much!  (sometimes in that order!) 

In order for me to get a six pack, I will need to give those things up and the truth is, I’m just not willing to go that route.
So here ya go……my real abs.  No six pack in sight but I grew 4 healthy boys in there and that’s my story.

sweetcakes1Now….as far as the booty goes, I’m willing to put in the work to make it grow! (in a good way)

I bought Ashley Horner’s latest trainer, Sweet Cakes, and I’m loving it!   Usually her trainers are pricey, but this one is only $50 and includes 6 weeks of workouts.  Definitely worth the money in my opinion. You can do all the exercises at home with little to no equipment.

So this morning I crushed some deadlifts, hip thrusts, plie squats and then wrapped everything up with some treadmill sprints. It was bootylicious!



What is your favorite glute exercise?

Ashley Horner Fitness