Back to school shopping at Kohl’s!


School starts here soon and I have 4 boys who need a lot of new clothes!  Thankfully, we have a Kohl's up the road that meets all of our back to school and fitness clothing needs. I took my oldest with me for a shopping spree, and as you can tell, he was more than excited!   (our Kohl's plays some awesome in-store music that always leads to dancing!)   If you need quality sportswear,  either for yourself or your kids, Kohl's has you covered.  Shorts, shirts, hoodies and everything at Continue Reading

Fitspiration journal


I came across this on journal Instagram and went immediately to Target to get one......but sadly my Target did not have them.  The super kind people at Fitbook sent me one to review and I absolutely LOVE it! As someone who leans toward the negative, I love the daily reminders about being grateful. When I took this picture,  my first thought was about how my love handles spill over the sides of these shorts.  When I went to write in my journal, it asks me to write something I Continue Reading

Quick home workout ideas


This summer has flown by, hasn't it?  I've managed to stay on point with my workouts, despite having 4 kids at home with me at all times. I have been able to let go of the perfect workout and focused on being flexible and creative! Here are my quick home workout ideas Here are some ideas: Quick home workout idea #1: Wall sits: These are great for your legs.  Make it more challenging by putting a weight plate on top and lifting your toes.  These can be done anywhere. Quick home workout Continue Reading

Tips for staying fit as a single mom


If there is one thing I have learned over the past year as a single mom, it's that LIFE GOES ON. Bad shit will happen,  it is inevitable.  You just pick yourself up and move on to the next thing. Just as in may experience a setback, which will no doubt suck.....but you just pick yourself up and start over again. Here are my five tips for staying fit as a single mom: 1. Just do SOMETHING. Grab some free weights and do some lunges. Do step-ups on the coffee table.  Run laps Continue Reading