What can I do about cellulite on my legs?


What can you do about cellulite on your legs? Nothing.  Really…..nothing.  Don’t waste your money on special creams, machines, or diet pills that claim they will eliminate the cellulite because it is simply NOT true! I took these pictures to illustrate a weighted step up, and then I sat there and thought “Ugh, look at […]

I hate to train…..


Confession time…..I hate to train triceps. Dips bore me and I find using dumbbells uncomfortable, so I pretty much just avoid them. A few weeks ago, I decided I was going to make an effort to train them one time a week and see what happened. I didn’t take a before pic…..but as you can see, […]

Take it to the track! Sprinting and lunges make a great workout! (giveaway)


Working out alone is awesome but I tend to push myself when I know someone else is watching. Especially if they are watching my watch,  LOL! One of my favorite summertime workouts is to hit the track for some hard core sprints.  They give me the most bang for my buck and are a great […]

On Fridays, we flex!


Last weekend I hiked Old Rag Mountain and it was probably the hardest hike I have ever done! The view from the top was gorgeous though, and I met a new friend Albert who agreed to flex with me on this rock!   Here is round up of various flex it Friday pictures!  Have a […]

No tire? No problem! Check out the MostFit Core Hammer!


I got a few emails from people after my tire post who said  “but I don’t have a tire, what else can I do?” Well……Mostfit has solved that problem for you!  Introducing their MostFit Core Hammer! Yes, this one is a little bit pricier than their suspension strap (which I LOVE) , but I think it’s […]

Summer strong with Bowflex!


A few years ago, I just wanted to be  skinny and now I realize just how good it feels to be STRONG. This former cardio queen is now weights obsessed and since I’m usually short on time, I like to create workouts that don’t require a full gym.  I focus on combination exercises,  such as […]

Our weekend at a wedding


This past weekend, I went out of town for my niece’s wedding.  Don’t we clean up nicely? I was stressing over holiday traffic, being alone in a hotel room with 4 little boys,  eating food that I normally don’t eat,  lack of sleep, and NOT GETTING A WORKOUT —–because that is just what I do.  I […]

Finding your POWER with healthy living


Exercise, to me, is a form of therapy. I use it to feel strong. It empowers me. Two years ago my personal life took a dive and my marriage ended. It was a complete surprise to me and rocked my world.  How could I possibly move on? How would I handle 4 little boys on […]

Time (and how to get more of it in your day!)


How many times a day do you say “If only I had more time!“? I know I say it a lot….between the kids, laundry, food, homework, more food, sports, games, food again, baths, and bedtime—-I am EXHAUSTED! I think I need a wife. 😉 Time is a precious commodity. There are things that I slack […]