Kids on spring break? Add them to your workout.


My kids are off this week for spring break which means I’ve had to pull out all sorts of creative fitness ideas.  (I could drag myself out of bed before dawn and get it done,  but I am a night owl by nature and the early mornings make me a pretty grumpy mommy.) Here are [...]

Flat abs tips, workouts for kids, and my confession as a trainer


I haven’t written much here this past week because I’ve been busy writing other places.   (and taking my kids to soccer and football practices and games.  I love spring sports, don’t you?!) Here are a few of my posts around the web: Flat-abs secrets from health bloggers:   I’m so excited they included my [...]

Injured? So what.


I have unfortunately have had my fair share of injuries over the years.   About two weeks ago, I re-tore my bum knee doing lateral lunges.    (I had meniscus surgery about 6 years ago).   I knew I wasn’t supposed to do any lateral movements but I got caught up in the class I [...]

Towel with zippered pocket giveaway!


This is a great giveaway for those of you who bring a towel to the gym!   The towels are handmade and can be purchased from Etsy. Rachel is offering one towel as a giveaway for Workout Mommy readers!   Have you ever been at the gym trying to juggle your cell phone, keys, ear [...]

Ashley Horner is one fit mommy!


I follow a lot of fitness people online but I have to say that Ashley Horner is one of my favorites. She is a single mom of 2 boys and is in amazing shape. She is a sponsored athlete with and such an inspiration to me. Some of my favorite Ashley quotes: “Whatever you [...]

Quick cardio blast and how to workout in your pajamas!

kettlebell workout at home in kitchen

Life has been insane lately.  It doesn’t seem to want to stop snowing and therefore my kids have been off from school A LOT! It is hard to get a workout with them around, but I try and sneak something in here and there. Kettlebell swings in the kitchen anyone?  (and  yes, in my pink [...]

Top 5 reasons why I love runDisney and the 2014 Princess 1/2 Marathon weekend!


A few weeks back I received a magical email filled with pixie dust and got an invitation to run the 2014 Princess 1/2 Marathon!   Even though I hadn’t been running much,  I was pretty confident I could do the distance.   So confident in fact, I  asked to be included in the Glass Slipper [...]

I am a Together Counts Ambassador!


  As a big believer in family health and fitness,  I am so excited to announce I will be working this year as an ambassador for the Together Counts Program. Together Counts is a non-profit program centered on the idea of getting families healthy together.   The program focuses on moderation and energy balance, which means [...]

Did the Biggest Loser go too far?


I know everyone and their brother is talking about this today,   so I’m just going to throw in my opinion. Rachel went from one extreme to the other on The Biggest Loser finale last night.   She was absolutely TOO thin!   She looked frail and gaunt and even Bob, Jillian and the other [...]